What to visit in Zagreb — Croatia’s Capital

What to visit in Zagreb — Croatia’s Capital

If you wonder what to visit and what to do in Zagreb – Croatia’s Capital – stay with us for all the info you need.

Capital of Croatia

First of all,  Zagreb is the capital and the largest city of Croatia. It is located in the northwest of the country. It is also placed along the Sava river, at the southern slopes of the Medvednica mountain.

The population of the Zagreb urban agglomeration is about 1.2 million. That is approximately a quarter of the total population of Croatia.


Ban Jelačić Square Source: croatiaweek.hr

The importance of the Zagreb location

Zagreb is the seat of the central government, administrative bodies, and almost all government ministries. Therefore, almost all of the largest Croatian companies, media, and scientific institutions have their headquarters in the city. As a result, Zagreb is the most important transport hub in Croatia.  Here meet Central Europe, the Mediterranean, and Southeast Europe. In conclusion, this makes Zagreb the center of the road, rail, and also air networks of Croatia. Moreover, it is a city known for its diverse economy, high quality of living, museums, sporting, and entertainment events.

Festival of Lights Zagreb

What to do in Zagreb?

If you’re visiting Zagreb you have to know it offers a big variety of activities. From great restaurants, cool nightclubs, and amazing street food – here you can find it all.

zagreb hotels

Esplanade Zagreb Hotel Source: booking.com

Where to stay in Zagreb?

To make yourself feel comfortable, pick one of the best hotels and hostels in Zagreb. This city offers all, from the bunk bend versions to high luxury hotels – you name it. With our tips, you will have no doubt about where to stay during your visit to Zagreb.

zagreb hostels

Swanky Mint Hostel
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How to plan your trip?

Zagreb is an international center. You can easily come by car, train, bus or airplane. Zagreb Airport offers a lot of European and international flights and has very good connections. If you wonder how many days are enough, we would definitely recommend you to book at least 5-7 days to get the full experience in Zagreb!

zagreb info

Zagreb Airport
Source: Alen Grubelic

Best places

Now it’s time for the best tips: what to eat and drink? What is traditional Croatian food? What to see? What to do?

Ban Jelačić Square is a great meeting or a start-up point. Most importantly, all the other monuments are within walking distance.

Furthermore, for all the architecture fans, there is plenty of beautiful buildings and monuments that you can find in the city center and in the Upper Town especially.


St. Mark’s Church, Upper Town

Tkalčićeva Street is a very famous street when you walk from Jelačić Square to the Upper Town. It is famous for its large number of restaurants and cafes. We recommend you try traditional Croatian food at Stari Fijaker. Here you can also check the list of the Top 10 restaurants and find something you like.

Don’t miss local food and drinks – that’s how you experience the culture!

Stari fijaker štrukli

Strukle with cream – famous Croatian appetizer made with fresh cheese from the Zagorje region on a table cloth with traditional pattern from Zagorje region

Skyline Views

The city also offers amazing views. If you’re a fan don’t miss the best viewpoints in the city for perfect pictures.

Zagreb 360° - observation deck and event venue

Zagreb 360° – observation deck and event venue


Busy city streets of Croatia’s capital turn into party places in the evenings! There are a number of great nightclubs where you can relax and enjoy a good cocktail: All Saints, Khala lounge& bar, Cafe & Night bar Alcatraz, Opera Club, Gallery Club, and many more.

Gallery club

To sum up, we hope you will enjoy our local tips and don’t forget to tag us anywhere you go!


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