Top 10 Zagreb Restaurants

Top 10 Zagreb Restaurants

Feeling hungry in Zagreb? You are looking for a great restaurant with amazing food but it is just too much choice? Check out our list of Top 10 Zagreb Restaurants and enjoy. You can also find recommendations on our summer flyer 2019.

1. Konoba Didov San

First on our list of Top 10 Zagreb Restaurants is Konoba Didov San. If you are looking for a traditional Croatian food – this is a must! In the very center of the old part of Zagreb, in Mletačka 11 on a hill called Grič, find your seat and start a gastronomic trip you’ll never regret. A restaurant “Konoba Didov san“ (which means Grandpa’s Dream) is actually a Dalmatian tavern and it will impress you with the amount and quality of authentic Croatian dishes.

There’s so much to recommend, but let us focus on the very best food, like Grandpa’s and Grandma’s pans. The Grandpa’s pan include: lamb and veal cutlets, veal steak and bacon served with fresh veggies and rustic potatoes – all served in a pan. The Granma’s pan is very similar, but made of turkey meat.

You can try high quality Croatian wines, but also domestic ones like kujundžuša or vranac. – This is the best and the cheapest wine in town, you won’t find it anywhere else. Of course, leave some space for traditional cake called Imotska torta made of almonds and nuts.

2. Stari fijaker 900

The restaurant Stari Fijaker 900 is located in Mesnička street, only 5 minutes away from the main city square- Jelačić square. This street links Lower with Uppper Town and it is a historical area where city fortresses, city houses and mansions once used to be.

Stari Fijaker 900 offers a full menu of authentic traditional culinary delicacies that are proudly representing the Zagreb-Zagorje region of Croatia. We highly recommend you to try dishes named “punjena paprika“, “sarma“, “purica s mlincima” and of course “štrukli” – the originally Croatian dishes that you will want to have again and again. Restaurant Stari Fijaker 900 is well known for its homemade pastries and breads. You can choose from corn breads, beer-piston calipers, scones with cracklings and many others. Go ahead and be adventurous!

3. Italian pizzeria Zero Zero

In the city center there is a nicely decorated space where you can eat authentic Italian pizza – Zero Zero. All ingredients are imported from Italy, particularly flour. Flour must be finely ground type 00 (after which pizzeria Zero Zero got its name).

The kitchen in pizzeria Zero Zero is open so you can closely monitor every movement of pizza masters who will eventually throw a pizza in the bread oven! And the oven is really hot: dry wood creates a temperature between 450 and 500 degrees Celsius, which is ideal that your pizza could come out juicy, with smelling stuffing and dangerously seductive because of the crispy dough. And then nothing is preventing you to “travel” in Italy for the next fifteen minutes.

Enjoy a breath of Naples in the Zagreb city center!

4. B 041 Pastry Shop

b 041 pastry shop Zagreb is franchise of Milan Shocolat – and offers various types of ice-cream. They have the best ice-cream in Zagreb city center, and it’s main chef Alessandro Morotti takes care that everything goes by the book. In b 041  you can taste many different chocolates – with more or less milk, chocolate – chilly, chocolate- cinnamon, or pistachio, lavanda… They offer a large choice of cakes too! Ice – cream is home made and it’s made from fresh indrigents. Simply the best!

5. Bistro RougeMarin

RougeMarin is not a bistro, nor a restaurant and not an inn. It is a place where high-quality food combined with amazing presentation and professional service carries a unique experience to each guest. You have the opportunity to enjoy extraordinary culinary experience at affordable price and also to watch busy chefs preparing food.

Most noteworthy: charcuterie, chicken spring rolls, salads, soups, pasta, marinated pork tenderloin, rib eye steak, chicken wok or Sicilian pizza are just some of the delicacies you can enjoy!

6. Bonk

Bonk is great bistro in the Zagreb city center, located in Britanski trg 1.

Fast food with a twist, good coffee, cool drinks, and special bikes. You definitely need to join them and have a unique experience. You can choose from a lot of options: dinner with a special twist,  a bike shop in a different way, coffee and also some uber cool memorabilia… This breakfast is Breakfast for Gods and nobles. It was the typical colonial breakfast during the British Empire. You will get energy and strength for the entire day.

Try out Super English Breakfast, Clubbie Sandwich, Empanadas or Pancakes. Furthermore, enjoy 20 different Craft beers, cocktails, smoothies or tea. In preparing coffee they use only handpicked coffee beans to secure that only ripe beans are picked.  Have a taste!

7. Apetit

Apetit Restaurant & Bar is located in the very heart of Zagreb. The menu is based on Middle-European flavours and a touch of the Mediterranean. They use only the best ingredients offered in the city. Apetit City Restaurant & Bar was included into a Michelin Gastro Guide 2017.

Some of the recommendations are: sea bream carpaccio, octopus salad, soups or pasta and risotto. Then you can continue with monkfish, wok, beef steak, lamb french rack or chicken supreme. And much more! Whatever you choose, you will not be wrong. Everything tastes like heaven! Besides that, the restaurant is also famous for great desserts! Enjoy your meal even more with a cherry on top!

Bon Appetit with Apetit!

8. Fish Restaurant Korčula

This is a famous fish restaurant with over 60 years long tradition. It is located close to Ban Jelačić Square, in Tesla Street. The restaurant’s main culinary orientation is fish. Due to that, you can enjoy fresh seafood with salads, risottos, and much more of the traditional dishes. One great feature is also to complement the dishes with high-quality Croatian wine.  But, you can try out also and the meat menu.

9. Halper’s Burger & Bar

Halper’s Burger & Bar is the latest burger bar, opened in Zagreb. It carries the name in the glory of a man who built the place itself, a long time ago. The menu offers a lot of different burgers, sandwiches and two types of salads. Also, Fridays you can get fried calamari. Besides this, recently they included breakfast in their offer. Great tip: you can also have a vegan burger. Most importantly, all ingredients are fresh and local, and they make their own sauces and spreads.

Zacheesani and gurmanger have shown as favorites. The first one will certainly amaze cheese lovers. On the other side, in the second you will get cheese and a slice of bacon (panceta).

10. Haustor Haus

The sugar comes last! 10th on our list of Top 10 Zagreb Restaurants is Haustor Haus.

The Haustor Haus is probably one of the best restaurants in Zagreb where you can eat at a very reasonable price! It is located in the heart of Zagreb but away from the city madness. What is so special? Fresh seasonal vegetables from certified local farms. Goat, beef and pork meat from biodynamic breeding, Slavonian black pig meat or the best fish from the Adriatic sea – is the food that this cozy restaurant offers. There are options for everyone… veggie, fish and meat lovers! You can also enjoy great wine and amazing healthy smoothies! They have it all.

Enjoy and spend your time with our recommendations!

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