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Masarykova 25, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

What to expect?

One of the best home made ice cream in the city

b 041 pastry shop Zagreb

You are never to ”full” for good ice-cream – but you’ll never forget one from b 041 pastry shop Zagreb!

b 041 pastry shop Zagreb is franchise of Milan Shocolat – it offers various types of ice-cream. b 041 pastry shop Zagreb has best ice-cream in Zagreb city center, and it’s main chef Alessandro Morotti take care that everything goes by book. Unusually decorated spaces that are designed by students of school for Art and design in Zagreb makes you feel cozy and relax. In b 041 pastry shop Zagreb you can taste many different chocolate – with more or less milk, chocolate – chilly, chocolate- cinnamon, or pistachio, lavanda… You can only imagine and taste! Choice of ice-cram is rich, but if you want to eat some cake instead there’s also interesting and wide choice. b 041 pastry shop Zagreb has small terrace in front of the entrance, but you can seat inside or on the firs floor. Ice – cream is home made and it’s made from fresh indrigents. Delightful taste of ice-cream will keep you full for a long time, but if you are not in the mood for sweets – you can have some drink on the terrace or in cozy and cool ambiance. Enjoy!




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