Our selection of the top 5 Croatian craft beers

Our selection of the top 5 Croatian craft beers

This is our choice of the best craft beers that you can taste in Zagreb!

In recent years there has been a serious development of small, independent and innovative breweries in Croatiathat areproducing quality craft beers. This is our choice of the best ones!

1. Zmajska Pivovara Pale Ale

craft beer

A combination of four varieties of hops from the New World gave this craft beer arefreshing scent of mango and citrus with pleasant bitterness.Highly drinkable and dangerously good!

Brewed by: Zmajska Pivovara Style: American Pale Ale ABV: 5,3% Where to drink: Tolkien´s House

2. C4 IPA

craft beer

The taste of this craft beer is a match of all aromas that itcan be! And your drinking will end up with a dry finish and a good dose of bitternes. And dont forget to enjoy the blurry orange color while you drink your C4 away!

Brewed by: Nova Runda Style: Indian Pale Ale ABV: 6,3% Where to drink: Hop In Craft Beer Bar

3. Hoppy Wheat

craft beers
Hoppy Wheat German ancestors wereforgotten in the first miles of the trip across the Atlantic! Immediately after the arriving on the American soilthe values of the new continent were adopted: the naturalness and exceptional lightness! This led to this dry, light and natural blurry craft beer with creamy texture, wheat body and hop soul. Easy to drink, but hard to forget!

Brewed by: Zmajska Pivovara Style: Wheat Ale ABV: 4,9% Where to drink: Summit ClubZagreb

4. Križevačko Svijetlo Pivo

craft beer

This craft beer is brewed naturally according to the Bavarian Purity Law from 1516.Without preservatives, non-pasteurized, with golden-yellow color and the rich flavor!

Brewed by: Križevačka Style: Premium Lager ABV: 5,0% Where to drink: Craft Room

5. Fakin IPA


Craft beer that has a rich taste, beautiful colored with irresistible aroma and a domesticated bitterness. Differently from the other beers, fearlessly... a real scamp (fakin)! 

Brewed by: Pivovara Medvedgrad Style: India Pale Ale ABV: 7,0% Where to drink: Pivnica Mali Medo

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