Tkalčićeva Street

Tkalčićeva Street is a street with lots of restaurants and places for a night out in Zagreb.

To see and to be seen. This is how we can describe Tkalčićeva Street’s passengers and guests. Locals love the street very much so they babble to it calling it Tkalča. This hottest spot for everyday meetups, daily gossip and drinking coffee is cute uphill street located between two ancient Zagreb settlements. Modern and historical face here and you will not find such a vivid but yet relaxed atmosphere nowhere else in this city. And if we mention that Tkalča was a former street of brothels, you’ll get the idea how rich its history is.

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First of all, the vintage style has been kept in architecture – you’ll see lovely houses transformed into cafés, souvenir shops or fancy restaurants. Almost each has a terrace so you can enjoy eating outside in restful atmosphere and watch the passers-by. In Tkalčićeva Street you will find all kinds of restaurants: from classy ones, pizzerias and fine clubs to small and intimate kebab stores (where you can eat well for only couple of euros). The street is long and wide, so it’s also a good place for a nice, relaxing walk.

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Since the street was famous for female artisans we’ve mentioned, the locals dedicated a statue to them – you’ll surely be attracted to this nude lady.

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Beside this one, you will see another statue representing a female (but this one is clothed). It’s dedicated to one of the most famous Croatian writers: Marija Jurić Zagorka. And, when in Tkalčićeva Street, don’t miss to take a photo of Sundial – it’s placed near Zagorka’s statue, on the facade of the building installed in 1955.

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