Last public bath in Zagreb

This is the story about last public bath in Zagreb

Only few hundred meters west from Zagreb main square (in Ilica 8 courtyard where you can also enter/exit Tunnel Grič) there is one of the oldest public baths in Europe! First modern public bath in Europe was opened in Liverpool in 1829 and Public bath Diana was opened in 1834 as a first bath house available for public use in Zagreb. Later on, other public baths in Zagreb were opened at Ksaver and Mihanovićeva street.

Nowadays, Public bath Diana is the only and last public bath in Zagreb. In past times Public bath Diana was place where locals could wash themselves, soak in a pool, enjoy in sauna/steam bath and socialize with fellow citizens. In those days Diana and other public baths were spots which were often visited by artists, doctors, lawyers, writers and other distinguished intellectuals.

With the arrival of new era where most households had their own bath, the number of public baths has decreased. Other public baths in Zagreb like that ones in Nazorova and Creska street or at Kvaternik square have closed their doors during the eighties of the last century.

Golden time has ended and Diana remained the last public bath in Zagreb. Nowdays it has very bad reputation as a bath house which is in miserably condition and just for homeless and poor people needs. Today only shabby showers, washstands and changing rooms exists. Little poll, sauna and steam bath are not in use anymore and the future of the last public bath in Zagreb is uncertain. But we are keeping our fingers crossed for necessary renovation regardless of the future direction of the whole complex!

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