Visit the Biggest Waterfall on Plitvice Lakes

The oldest national park in Croatia – Plitvička jezera (Plitvice Lakes) – is open whole year, so any time you come to our country, you’ll be able to visit this extraordinary scenery rich in natural beauty. Located in central Croatia, between Zagreb and the Adriatic coast, Plitvice Lakes are one of the favorite spots for weekend holidays by locals, but also for tourists that are coming from abroad.

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What can be seen there? First of all – lakes which are divided into two groups: Upper and Lower lakes. The Upper lakes consist of 12 lakes segregated by travertine barriers. On the other side, the Lower lakes are formed in the canyon. Breathtaking waterfalls are what attracts visitors the most. For instance, the big waterfall which exists on the Plitvica spring – Veliki slap – is the biggest waterfall in Croatia. And only 10 m away from it visitors can rest their eyes on beautiful scene made by the river Korana. The color you’ve never seen before in nature – the mixture of blue and green which is typical for karst rivers – will simply thrill you.

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But if you thought that the lakes and waterfalls are the only thing that Plitvice Lakes offers – you were wrong! The national park is also famous for interesting cave called Šupljara. Besides natural beauty of this special geological area, the place is good for biologists and botanists because the cave is rich in flora and fauna. The forest in the NW of this park called Čorkova is especially wonderful thanks to its rich trees.

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If you plan to stay longer at the national park Plitvička jezera, accomodation is available in hotels and private apartments which are located nearby. You can enjoy in gastronomy in one of the many restaurants and cafés located in the park. And no matter how long you stay, remember to take a camera since the landscape is so beautiful that you can’t skip taking photographs.


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