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When you come to Zagreb and walk through its historic streets, you’re bound to see something called “Licitarsko srce” – Licitar heart. The Licitar heart, or Licitar is an old historic Croatian cookie that is nowadays well known between Croatian people as an ornament for Christmas, holidays or to put on your front door just to make your home more beautiful. But the history of Licitar is somewhat different, and more romantic. From the distant past the secrecy of licitar making has been preserved within the family of gingerbread crafts from the central and lowland of Croatia. Traditionally it is of bright red color and produced in various shapes and sizes. The first Licitars, and you could eat them, were made made from honey dough by Croatian men for their sweethearts to show them love and affection. So, if you come across a Licitar heart, don’t try to eat it, buy it for your loved ones because you know they will like it!

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P.S. Licitar is a Croatian national symbol that is since 15. November 2015. on the UNESCO list of non material world heritage in the world.

You can also try your creativity and make licitars on your own. Find out how!

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