Zagreb weekend guide

Zagreb weekend guide

Are you currently in Zagreb this weekend, but you are not so familiar with a town? Read our Zagreb weekend guide and take advantage of your time here.

Zagreb weekend guide

Are you currently in Zagreb for a weekend, but you are not so familiar with a town? You want tomake the most of your time here, and you need some advice? Maybe you've noticed that Zagreb is full of different kind of events, so sometimes is hard to choose among them. Read our Zagreb weekend guide andtake advantage of your time here.

Start your day with a cup of coffee!

Zagreb weekend guide
Yes, with a coffee, so simple, right? You are probably do it already, but not like a Croatian citizen! What's the difference? Coffee here has a meaning - it's a ritual and a lifestyle.Drinking coffee here is not just a purpose for itself - it's an obligation and a need. It's an excuse for sweet moments and pleasure. We are socializing on the coffee, meet each other deeply, leading important conversation or make business deal... We smile during the coffee time, and cry also... We arewhining and complaining to each other (whether we have a good reason for it or not)... Besides, coffee time in peak season is also time for little fashion performance - we like to dress up and show our good look to each other - especially to those people we don't like but we want them to envy us... It might be strange but we have adose of vanity inside - maybe we want aconfirmation. That's the way locals start a weekend in Croatia. So, take your time, don't wake up too early, behave casual... relax! Don't rush, and don't plan too much. Be spontaneous - that's the benefit you can afford you in Croatia. As soon as you arrive in Zagreb city center, take a walk through Tkalča street, upper town, or Cvjetni and Main square - take a look around and choose one place to sit... It is crowded, we know, but enjoy the rush hour. Order typical coffee type as Croatian citizen does - large coffee with cold milk and water besides. Make yourself feel like home, relax, drink coffee slow and enjoy... So - first station in your Zagreb weekend guide is cup of coffee in center. That will cost you 1 euro or less... (but try to leave a tip... good waitress is hard to find). See more. Eat something ''offhand''

Zagreb weekend guide
If you don't want to waist your time on long meal in restaurant (unless you are gastro tourist ) then choose some street food - the choice is wide. Zagreb has very good offer - you can eat a rich salad, sandwich, goulash, smoothie.... Good and healthy fast food for very good price also! Our Zagreb weekend guide recommends you to use most of your time to visit the city. So, take your food and go for a walk - try to see the Main square (Ban Jelačić), the Zrinjevac park or Tomislav square - it's a beautiful walk - and full of events with live music also (very often). You will feel like an Austro - Hungarian citizen because it's trace left there. Walk through markets, a museum, botanic garden - let yourself walk freely and enjoy the surroundings. If you look at the people carefully you will see that Croatian people like to talk, to socialize and to have fun! If you try to look deeply you will notice a kind of inner balance of self - discipline, well organisation and a spontaneouscharacter traits of Croatian people. If you don't like the crowd than avoid the rush hour - between 16:00 and 20:oo the city is empty. Price for a meal ''offhand'' - between 2 and 5 euro. Visit the Zagreb Chatedral

Zagreb weekend guide
In this Zagreb weekend guide we have to point up themagnificence of the Zagreb Cathedral near the Zagreb Main square. Awonderful cultural monument will tear you off your feet. Now, when you arrived here it's time to rest and to find some inner peace. Turn off the city crowd and also the noise in your head set yourself withwith the holy atmosphere of the sacred object. Light a candle and take your time fora detailed view on monuments, pictures and all interior. Enjoy the sound of silence. Entrance is free. Get up on the Lotrščak tower

Lotrscak Tower
And have a best view on Zagreb city ever! It's a great Zagreb medieval monument and a city trademark. You can get up on the top of the Lotrščak tower, but have a note that Lotrščak cannon shoots at noon, so don't be afraid. But how can this Zagreb weekend guide would look like if we don't put a city panorama in it. The legend says that the cannon of the tower saved the city from the Turkish conquest. After Turkish army attacked Zagreb, Hasan Pasha Predojević was quietly sitting in his tent, surrounded by army and servants, and he scared after he heard the cannon shoot and they run away and never got back. After you get tired of the view you can get down and walk trough Stross promenade and return in the city center or get down in Ilica street for some shopping... Entrance in Lotrščak tower is 2 euros. Take a walk in Maksimir park

Zagreb weekend guide
We have to complete our Zagreb weekend guide with a walk in the nature! The ''greenest'' walk you can have in Zagreb is here. If you love animals, then you probably wouldn't like the fact that you can see themclosed in cages for tourist attractions, but if you like the Zoo go ahead! Maksimir Zoo are separated from the Maksimir park, so you can choose between it. If you like to spend your time in nature than take your time for Maksimir walk. You can have a picnic, sport time, jogging, but you can also ride a horse, eat in restaurant or drink coffee... It's a ideal place for artistic souls, sport types, families, or introverts who like to spend some time alone in nature. The park is huge - walk is free, but entrance in the Zoo is 3 euro. Visit the cinema

Do you remember those cinemas from the older times? Without modern technological support? That old fashioned cinemas are popular among the Zagreb citizens, because they like the cultural life a lot! Some of those cinemas are Kino Europa and Kino Tuškanac. Those cinemas are popular among the artists and other movie lovers. You can see high quality movies here that are hard to find on torrents. That's our recommendation if you want to see good movies, but those cinemas often organises festivals or other events such as ''France movies week, Korean movies week and so on. Only best movies. On the other side, there's a few Cinestar movies in Zagreb. The choice is yours. Entrance is between 2 and 5 euros. Have a nice time! End that Zagreb weekend guide with a night - out!

Choose akind of night out you like according a level of energy you have left. Zagreb city center has a variety offer. Zagreb best offer and mark of a town are jazz clubs. But, you can have a wide offer - Zagreb offers youenjoying in elegant ambiance with a glass of good wine or whisky. You can choose good tapas bar also, maybe a rock place with cheap drink? You can have fun in caraoke night, or some fancy place where you can show your best outfit?Treat yourself to what you like and have fun! Relax and feel the local people spirit. Let the atmosphere take you - it will be easy because Croatian people know what is a good fun, but be careful with your budget because the most easy way to spend money is night - out (that's the reason Croatian people complain about the lack of money very often...) Night out in that part of the Europeis synonymous for the fun and you have to experience that! Cheers! Next morning...

We came on the end of our Zagreb weekend guide, but we also returned on the beginning... Wake up late and have some coffee in the center (if you still have some money left from last night...) Have a nice time and share your experience with us! 

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