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GO EXPLORE CROATIA is a travel agency which is a perfect choice if you wish to explore the adventure side of Zagreb and learn about the local culture!

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Fun and relaxing day trips in Zagreb and surroundings

Go explore croatia
Go explore croatia
Go explore croatia
Go explore croatia
Go explore croatia
Go explore croatia


Cycling, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking and canoeing around Zagreb with Go Explore Croatia agency!

GO EXPLORE CROATIA is a local adventure travel agency which offers authentic day trips in Zagreb region. Day trips include cycling, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking and canoeing. GO EXPLORE CROATIA agency is a perfect choice if you wish to explore the adventure side of Zagreb.

GO EXPLORE CROATIA provides you active day in the nature and help you learn about the local tradition. Zagreb has a lot more to offer than just rich history and culture. The city of Zagreb and its surroundings are filled with lakes, parks, forests, rivers and mountains. So that's why is Zagreb has an ideal setting for outdoor activities.

Most of the activities are suitable for beginners and have a relaxed pace. But there are also some more challenging options and the difficulty level of all tours can be tailor made to individual wishes.

So for example, with GO EXPLORE CROATIA team, you can go to the top ofthe Medvednica mountain above Zagreb on foot or descend by bike, canoe and swim in Jarun Lake which is a refreshing place to escape the summer heats, kayak down the waterfalls of the Mreznica River or finish a great cycling tour by trying some of the best food and wines in the local cellars of Plešivica wine road. All of this GO EXPLORE providesin small groups and with individual approach!

Many years of working in theadventure travel field and experience in tourism showed themthat safety comes first. That’s why you will be in the hands of not only licensed but also responsible and knowledgeable guides that will lead you through the experience.

Whether it’s one of these day trips or even a multi day adventure that can be designed just for you, GO EXPLORE CROATIA promiseyou an authentic experience with whom you will breathe fresh air, get your body moving and immerse yourself into the colorfulsights of Croatia!

All in all, GO EXPLORE CROATIA mission is to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience to all outdoor enthusiasts. 

You can find more information about GO EXPLORE CROATIA Zagreb day adventures at www.goexplorecroatia.com/zagreb!

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