Zagreb Socialism Tour

Zagreb Socialism Tour

Enjoy in our Zagreb Socialism Tour with our Zastava 750 Fićo in Zagreb. Experience past socialism time in our exclusive private tour.

New Zagreb: Zagreb south from the Sava River

Enjoy in our Zagreb Fićo tour – Socialism Tour with our Zastava 750, Fićo, in New Zagreb Socialism sightseeing tour.

Zagreb Fićo Tour

Crossing the Sava

Did you know that until 1950s, the city ended on the bank of river Sava? No? Then you need to find out how one of Zagreb’s most famous mayors took the city across the river!It was Većeslav Holjevac, the Zagreb's mayor between 1952 and 1962. Many socialist buildings were built – institutional as well as residential. Today, they are the finest examples of the socialist cityscape.

Famous building Mamutica; Source: Your driver will take a picture of you and tell you all interesting stories and legends about this part of the city and the past time. This tour perfectly combines the principles of going back to past, tourism and adventurous sightseeing city.

What to see?

As we cross Most slobode (The Freedom Bridge) into Novi Zagreb (New Zagreb) you will find Mamutica, or the mammoth. A building that stands out, the biggest amongst the surrounding blocks at 70 metres high and 240 metres long. It has 20 floors, houses 5000 people and was, at the time of its construction in 1974, the largest housing block in southeast Europe. Also, another famous building Super Andrija is just a few streets away from here. Urban legend says that if an atom bomb fell on Zagreb, Super Andrija would be the last thing left standing. Behind it is a large park called “Park mladenaca” or “The Bride and Groom’s Park”, since couples would plant trees there when they got married.

Bulding Super Andrija in 1974; source:; Also, here is a lake and park called Bundek and a flea market Hrelić.In Bundek Park people enjoy nature, numerous outdoor activities, barbecuing, sunbathing, and fishing.

Lake Bundek, source: And the flea market Hrelić offers you various antiquities.You can find almost anything here: old books, vintage perfumes, clothes, footwear, leather bags, all this and more at extremely low prices. Also,our little time machine is filled with various props from that time: old telephone, magazines, alarm clock, calculator, and old records. They are here to make your experience even better, but also to take pictures for Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat! We know you will.:) 

Zagreb Fićo Tour


Zagreb Socialism Tour 2,5h - 100€ (EUR) - Novi Zagreb *Included coffee/tea break Click here for reservations.

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