Zagreb nightlife

Zagreb nightlife

Every day, eight hours after the canon from Grič marks the noon, the Zagreb nightlife starts!

Every day, eight hours after the canon from Grič marks the noon, the Zagreb nightlife starts!

Popular Zagreb nightlife streets

Busy city streets are then turning into a relaxing oases that, after a hard day's work, give everyone comfort! Among them, Tkalčićeva street is probably the most popular and favorite nightlife spot in town. And in it you can find absolutely everything! From the cafes in which you can sip a drink with discreet sounds of music (Booze and Blues), restaurants that are open until late in the night (All Saints), to the nightclubs where the fun ends in the early hours of the next day (Khala lounge bar & club, Confusion style cocktail bar, Rock & Beer club Alcatraz)!


Just above Tkalčićeva street is situated Opatovina... a street where you can drink the best craft beers in Zagreb! In that street the best atmosphere will afford you always friendly crew from the Broom Bar! In addition to the Broom Bar, be sure to visit the Craft Room which offers the largest selection of craft beers in Zagreb and small but interestingly decorated Tolkien´s House at the end of the street


Are you looking for a bar with a great atmosphere? Then the Cafe&night bar Alcatraz in Preradovićeva Street is the place for you! This bar is considered to be perhaps the most popular place for locals and parties last till dawn! In the same street, but in the direction to the Zagreb Railway Station, there is the Buzz Bar, which is one of the best places to go out because of its live music and relaxed atmosphere!


Popular Zagreb nightlife clubs

If you want to go out in the clubs, in the city center you will find Opera Club* with its urban and pop music and superb atmosphere, or you can loose yourself in the great atmosphere of Johhan Franck Club* which is situated directly on Zagreb's main square. Also, be sure to visit the Gallery Club* situated at Lake Jarun which is one of the best clubs in Croatia!

From the other clubs that are worth mentioning there is for sure Beertija (located near the hotel Sheraton) which offers a wide selection of beers and all alcoholic beverages and great entertainment until late at night and Museum Katran club which is located in Radnička street!


For Techno lovers there are clubs like Masters which is probably the most underground club in Zagreb with lots of national and international DJ names, live acts and of course good vibrations and Depo Club which is open on Fridays and Saturdays!

Rock'n'roll fans should visit the Vintage Industrial Bar in Savska Street and the Music ClubJabuka, which is considered to be the oldest rock club in this area. A good time with fierce rhythms and defiant dance is guaranteed! The working hours of the club are from 23:00 to 5:00 on Fridays and Saturdays! 

music club jabuka


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