Zagreb Bestiarum

Zagreb Bestiarum

Zagreb Bestiarum - the biggest fetish art festival in this part of the Europe, continues to attract new visitors with its crazy program!

After the presale tickets were sold out, the fifth edition of the Zagreb Bestiarum - the biggest fetish art festival in this part of the Europe,continues to attract new visitors with itscrazy programwhich you canrarely experience in typicalCroatian nightlife!DJs, exceptional performers, creative environment and the good crowd atmosphere aresome of the strongest advantages of this event which specialized fetish-world media already declared as a Balkan meccafor adults, thatshould not be missed.


On Saturday, October 29th, industrial complex Jedinstvoon Prisavlje (clubs Močvara and Pogon) will be transformed into a space that breaks the taboos! The organizers have announced the ambiance of achurch in which will participate body art performers from Australia, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Croatia! And likewith every churchcomes the cemetery, thexxx cinema repertoireyou canconsume in the atmosphere that you can literally try just once in your life (or - after life?)! Just before Halloween, this is a great opportunity to try your own funeral!


If you don´t want tolie down in coffins, youwill burn yourfeet on the dance floor!DJ Rafa Nunes from Brazil, who was voted for the best fetish DJ last year, DJ Rydel from the Netherlands, DJ End and female duo Nuns with Guns from Croatiawill shake your body withits rhythms.The highlights of the detailed program will mark the dark prince from the Australian boylesque Raven, naughty dark skinned guest from London's Torture Garden parties Missa Blue, flexible Basque trapeze artist Leire Mesa and the Croatian Tricycle Trauma that will be crucified in chainsover the altar.


Also, theZagreb Bestiarum will host a fashion show by domestic designers who will compete for the Bestiarum Catwalk Award, as well as a fashion show from one of the world's most famous latex fashion brands - House of Harlot (designer Iris Trika). And like all respectable world parties of similar type, Bestiarum has mandatory fetish / fantasy dress code, which means that all visitors areparticipating in the strangest versions of themselves, and each shift from the everyday life is not only welcome, but also mandatory! Without appropriate and imaginative outfits - entry to this event is not possible!!!


More information about this most provocative Croatian party can be found here

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