Zagreb Airport - Everything you need to know

Zagreb Airport - Everything you need to know

Zagreb Airport is connected with the city of Zagreb by city public transport!

Zagreb Airport is the largest airport in Croatia and is named after the first Croatian president dr. Franjo Tuđman. The Zagreb Airport Terminal covers an area of 65,000 square meters on four floors with a distinctive roof. It has 30 check-in spots, nine boarding passes, eight airplane bridges, a luggage sorting station, many catering facilities, cafes and shops, more than a thousand parking places and the prayer space...

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Zagreb Airport is connected with the city of Zagreb by city public transport! Departures of the ZET bus line no. 290 are scheduled every 35 minutes. The first departure from Kvaternik Square in Zagreb is on working days and Saturdays at 4:20 am and on Sundays at 5:20 am, while the last departure from the city of Velika Gorica during the whole week is at 00:15! The one-way ticket is approximately 1.3 €! Here you can find atime schedule!

In addition to the public transport, airport shuttle "Pleso prijevoz" is operating betweenZagreb Airport and the Zagreb Central Bus Station. The shuttle service is organized in a way that it follows airport timetable, and the ticket prices are favorable!


In Zagreb Airport there is a wide variety of restaurants, cafes and shops. Brands that are represented at major international airports are available to the passengers, and the airport also has several spaces for smokers!

Cakes&Bakes serves buns, cakes, salt and sweet meals, and are especially proud of their huge selection of sandwiches that are always ready for travelers! Travelers who do not have time to sit and eat a meal can also take it with them in stylish and practical box with the Cakes&Bakers logo.

Pom is a small stand located at the main entrance to the airport building where travelers can buy fresh and healthy smoothies, pickled juices, fruit salads and other healthy snacks that will give them strength before traveling!

Caffe Nero is situated at two locations at the Zagreb Airport. It is inspired by traditional European cafes and offers excellent coffee which can be drunk immediately or taken in practical carton cups!

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Spread offers to its guests large, concrete meals in the open, airy space or in practical boxes painted by artists in which the meal can be taken anywhere. Pizzas, hamburgers, meat and vegetables from the grill, salads and sandwiches are just part of the offer. As you are moving through its space, you can choose between many ingredients that are exposed, and make a meal just for you!

Brewmark is a real pub situated on international departure flights after passport and luggage control. With a large wooden bar and tables, brick walls, it is created to enjoy in your food and drink just before the flight! It offers a large selection of local and world-famous beers and hot dishes that perfectly accompany with the atmosphere of the pub.

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Aelia Duty Free Shop, situated on two locations in the building, is focusing on the top customer service and an unforgettable shopping experience. In it there is a specially designed space which presents the richness of Croatian tradition and the authenticity of Croatian culture through the offer. The Fashion Accessories shop includes luxury world brands such as Pandora, Swarovski, Tag Heuer, Ray-Ban and Furla!

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From Designers With Love shop is dedicated to unique, authentic and contemporary items and products that are inventive, lucid, cleverly designed and produced by locals! The idea is to offer thoughtful and useful souvenirs of Zagreb and Croatia and their beautiful and enduring products from domestic designers and artists serve the purpose to the fullest!

Needstop is a shop that offers outgoing travelers everything they need in the last minute: newspapers, magazines, CDs, sandwiches, hot drinks, bakery products... The whole store philosophy is to be suitable for people in a hurry that do not have much time. Everything is quickly prepared and packed so the passenger could stay on the stand as shortly as possible! 

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