Whisky Fair 2020 - Zagreb

Whisky Fair 2020 - Zagreb

Meet top brands, long tradition, exclusive tastes and high quality whisky at Whisky Fair in Zagreb 2020. Unique event with fun quizzes and workshops.

Whisky Fair 2020 - Zagreb

6th Whisky Fair Zagreb - 7. & 8. February, 2020 When?7. & 8. February, 2020 Where?Plaza Event Center, Zagreb Whisky enthusiasts will gather on February 7-8, 2020 at Zagreb's Plaza Event Center, where they will enjoy more than 100 types of whisky, learn more about their favorite drink at whisky workshops and masterclass workshops, and learn about the Fine Spirits drinks which are also presented on this year's fair.

What to expect?

This year, for the first time in Zagreb,Billy Abbott, the whisky ambassador for the world-renowned whisky site The Whiskey Exchange, and the renowned author and promoter of the whisky culture, will also hold a masterclass on Friday. Traditionally, the fair organizes whisky workshops for beginners and masterclass workshops for students with a certain level of knowledge. Furthermore, for gin lovers there is a gin workshop to explore how and why gin regained popularity. This regional gathering will enable all visitors to get acquainted with the wider range of Fine spirits drinks as premium vodkas, gins and liqueurs. Whiskey Fair will celebrate its sixth birthday with an Exclusive Acoustic concert on Saturday from 11:00 pm.

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Whiskey Fair offers the best of Scotch, Irish, American and Canadian whisky and is designed to allow you to plan your own time at the Fair. You can combine whisky tasting and education at one of the workshops or you can spend time exploring all the whisky offerings, visiting showrooms, and more. During the Fair, whisky quizzes and games will be organized in the Kornati Hall where you can show your knowledge and win prizes. One special thing: the Whisky Fair Bar will feature an exclusive whisky bar that is not currently available on the Croatian market. The Fair also offers visitors a unique opportunity to bid on premium whisky and enrich their home bar on Saturday, 8.2, at 10pm during the Whiskey Open Bottle Auction.

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You can choose from 5 whiskey workshops and masterclass workshops that will complement and enrich your experience at the Whisky Fair. You can find all details here. 1.Whisky coffee powered by Julius Meinl, Friday, 7.2., 4 pm 2.Exploration of Casks – the strange casks by Billy Abbott,Friday. 7.2., 5;30 pm 3. Introduction to Scotch Whisky by Dario Grabarić, Friday, 7.2., 7:30 pm 4. Gin of 21st century,Saturday, 8.2., 3 pm 5. Where there's a smoke, there's a... Whisky forensics 3,Saturday, 8.2., 5:30 pm 6.Catch the Taste II: Welcome to the Dark Side,Saturday, 8.2., 8 pm

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Dates of all workshops are available on the official website. Workshop prices range from 220 HRK to 500 HRK during the cheaper ticket price period, which lasts until January 31st. The workshop ticket includes a Whiskey Fair ticket and a Glencairn glass. The number of seats in the workshops is limited, so make sure you reserve your seat on time. There is also an exclusive offer - VIP VAULT-where you can taste exclusive whisky, accompanied by some snacks.The VIP Vault ticket includes a fair ticket and a Glencairn glass, and you can buy it on the official Whiskey Fair site.

Source: whiskyzagreb.com One-day Whiskey Fair tickets are available online, and one-day entry to the fair also includes a Glencairn whisky-tasting glass. Until January 31, tickets are available at Early Bird prices, and anyone who does not purchase them in advance will also be able to purchase them at the entrance. The fair will be open from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm on Friday and from 3:00 pm to 12:30 am on Saturday. You can find more info at the official site, on Facebook page, on Instagram, and on LinkedIN. 

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