Top 5 outdoor summer terraces in Zagreb

Top 5 outdoor summer terraces in Zagreb

The best summer terraces in Zagreb are a liitle bit hidden. So, you will need our help!

In the summer „terrace time“ in Zagreb is blooming. From quiet all day chill out places to party warm up hubs, hidden outdoor summer terraces in Zagreb are perfect spot for drink or two. And of course, the best ones are a liitle bit hidden. So, you will need our help! The best outdoor summer terraces in Zagreb are:

1. Swanky Monky Garden

Type: Cool bar at daytime, party warm up at night

Famous for: Weekend warm up parties

Expect: Like you are suddenly shifted into cosmopolitan mode out of the real world. Terrace is part of the popular hostel where hipster people from all around the globe makes you younger and happier from the first minute you stepped into this magical place.

Where: Ilica 50, Zagreb

When:Mon-Sun 08:00h-24:00h

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2. Bacchus Bar

Type: All day chill bar

Famous for: Large terrace with a Mediterranean atmosphere

Expect: Jazz bar with big summer green terrace where students, artists and intellectuals round up. Unpretentious and leisurely place for everyone who wants to step out the daily routine and have a cool drink and chat.

Where: Trg kralja Tomislava 16, Zagreb

When:Mon-Fri 11:00h-24:00h, Sat 12:00h-24:00h

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3. Caffe Tin

Type: Local hangout caffe bar

Famous for: Hidden terrace

Expect: Secret terrace at the end of the small bar. Just go straight and be prepared to step into garage style green oasis in the very city centre. This cool joint full of relaxed locals is the best place to drink the summer heat away.

Where: Gundulićeva 19, Zagreb

When:Mon-Thu 07:00h-24:00h, Fri-Sat 08:00h-02:00h, Sun 09:00-24:00h

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4. Medvedgrad Brewery Pub in Ilica

Type: Brewery and restaurant for beer lovers

Famous for: Old school green terrace

Expect: High quality craft beer produced in a traditional way plus well-known pub specialities like sausages, pork ribs, steaks and stews. Terrace is trapped in time. As the time machine transport you to the classic terrace from the eighties.

Where: Ilica 49, Zagreb

When:Mon-Sat 10:00h-24:00h, Sun 12:00-24:00h

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5. The Beertija / Klub

Type: Rock bar and beer garden 

Famous for: Rock legends statues/busts at terrace

Expect: Rock'n'Roll theme park with statuest, busts and rock art installations. After a photo with your favourite rock star choose your ale, lager, stout or malt and enjoy in good music. At weekends join the good vibe and turn up the party mode!

Where: Pavla Hatza 16, Zagreb

When:Mon-Thu 08:00h-24:00h, Fri-Sat 08:00h-04:00h, Sun 08:00h-24:00h

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