Top 5 burgers that you have to try in Zagreb

Top 5 burgers that you have to try in Zagreb

Top 5 burgers in Zagreb that are worth to try

Top 5 burgers in Zagreb that are worth to try


Papa’s is authentic American bar, the place which will satisfy your daily need for relaxed socializing. It was meant to be a place for all those who enjoy tasting well chosen cooled beer or delicious cocktails followed by all kinds of burgers, sandwiches and salads – all American style. Their recipes are a secret, of course – just like in America, but we can say that all the ingredients are local and fresh.

Besides the pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, the huge terrace of Papa’s American Bar will give you refreshment during Summer

Location: Tuškanac 1, Zagreb

Opening hours: mon-fri 11:30am – 11pm and on Sundays 11:30am – 10pm

burger zagreb papas


Yellow Submarine has the healthiest and the most tasty burgers in Zagreb. The place is arranged in industrial style – you’ll like colorful metal tubes used as lighting brackets, as well as wooden tables placed one next to another as in a canteen, in order to provoke communication among guests while they wait for their order. And burgers… they are a story you will remember and tell others! Yellow Submarine chefs make one of the best burgers in Zagreb out of organic produce provided by local farmers without additives, GMO and any stuff that can harm your health. You can expect daily fresh beef that is only minced once, stuffed with local veggies and other ingredients that come from all Croatian regions.

Location: Frankopanska street 11, Zagreb 

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday from 11 am till 11 pmand on Friday and Saturday from 11 am till midnight

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If you need a simple but tasty meal that reminds you of New York, find your seat in Burgeraj which actually looks like a big living room. Huge windows will enable you to be in touch with the city throng outside, but you may also rest inside since the place is a pleasure to the eye. Solid wood, plastic and heavy metals are combined with plenty of handcrafted and “vintage” elements like leather bar stools from the USA. Contrary to most fast food, Burgeraj burgers recipes are homemade, tested and proven as delicious. All the meat is 100% local beef, daily fresh, never frozen and without additives. You’ll get free fries and toppings with each burger.In Burgeraj, you can grab one of the best burgers Zagreb can offer, but if you get thirsty you can find refreshment like Fentimans juices – naturally fermented and made of natural ingredients. Since the place is related to the USA, you can find American beers

Location: Preradovićeva street 13, Zagreb

Opening hours: from Monday to Thursday from 11 am till 11 pm, or on Fridays and Saturdays when they are opened from 11 am till 2 am

burgers zagreb burgeraj


The Rocket Burger will offer you yummy and heart warming food which tickled our tastebuds with aromatic juices and succulent beef. Overall the Rocket Burger Cafe will give you everything you need and more: great food, good service and a lovely environment.

Location: Tkalčićeva street 50, Zagreb

Opening hours: 11am till 11pm

burgers zagreb rocket burger


Situated in an abandoned light bulb factory on the border of the city, an area recently becoming increasingly gentrified, foodies from all over the place are attracted to Rouge Marin like moths to a midnight lamp. All ingredients are homemade, with a simple but effective wine and beer list. Hamburger is more then fast food in this restaurant. Home made meat, fresh hamburger bun, home made ketchup... really cool and appetizing!

Location: Folnegovićeva street 10, Zagreb

Opening hours: on weekdays from 11am till 11pm, on Saturdays from noon till 11pm

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