Top 5 best places to celebrate New Year in Zagreb 2018

Top 5 best places to celebrate New Year in Zagreb 2018

local’s choice for top places to celebrate New Year in Zagreb 2018!

New Year’s Eve day is the only day in a year when it is important where you will be when it hits midnight. Zagreb is very special and beautiful at Christmas time with a wide variety of outdoor and indoor activities. Fireworks, all-night dance parties, one-of-a-kind cultural traditions – you’ll find all these and more in the Best European Winter Destination – Zagreb, 3rd year in a row. That is why we are happy to present local’s choice for top places to celebrate New Year in Zagreb 2018!

1. Zagreb's Ban Jelacic Square

start at 21:00

New Year in Zagreb 2018
On Zagreb's Ban Jelacic Square, it is organizing a large New Year's Eve and visitors can expect a variety of music and offer traditional midnight fireworks For now confirmed Gazde music band, and Vatra group, and Doris Dragović.

2. Katran NYE 2018.

New Year in Zagreb 2018
They have merged the four seasons in one special night.In last night 2017. year dancing through four seasons in four thematically and musically different denflora while spinning tunes 5 DJs and one miss. 4 floors, 4 seasons. From winter, summer to autumn and spring.


BOOGALOO ZAGREB Start at 22:00

On the main floor on will perform renowned Italian DJ - Uto Karem, where he was the DJ stand joins Zagreb audience favorite - Lea Dobričić, with strong local support that make Mr. DJ Dario, ship and Sthekerson. On a small floor on the counter returns legendary Ladida, with homemade crew consisting Mary, MATY, Senno and Sin.

4. Gallery NYE

Start at 21:00 Aleja Marije Ljubeka 33 Entrance: 100 HRK

DJ MATRODA & TOM POLO Welcome drink and rich buffet


Start at 22:00 Eddy Ramich

New Year in Zagreb 2018

Every year on New Year's Eve, the European market is transformed into the greatest pop-up club in the open, so we and this New Year dance in the best dance floor in the ♥ Zagreb. The atmosphere we left to a professional, the person with whom we have from the very beginning escorted the old and welcomed New-Eddy Ramich. What will give us the exact play and whether he is one of the guests join discover soon, but the experience can certainly confirm that this will be another New Year's party in Europe to remember. 

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