Top 10 film locations in Zagreb

Top 10 film locations in Zagreb

Here are the Top 10 film locations in Zagreb and 10 famous movies that marked Zagreb as shooting location

Zagreb has played important role in many international and Croataian films in behalf of its vividness and possibilities of illustrating Central European cities. Here are the Top 10 film locations in Zagreb and 10 famous movies that marked Zagreb as shooting location.

1. Zagreb Cathedral

Where: Kaptol 31 Film: The Trial (Le Proces), France 1962. IMDb: 7,9 Walk of Fame: Orson Welles and Anthony Perkins

About: Based on a celebrated Franz Kafka novel and directed by famous Orson Welles, movie The Trial was shot at many film locations in Zagreb. Along with Zagreb Fair, most famous filming location in The Trial is Zagreb Cathedral. At the finish of the movie you can clearly see half of The Cathedral when clerk Josef K. ends his paranoid journey.


2. Upper Town

Where: Basarićekova 11, St Mark's square, Ćirilometodska street, Catherine's square Film: One Song a Day Takes Mischief Away ( Tko pjeva zlo ne misli), Croatia 1970. IMDb: 8,6 Walk of Fame: Krešimir Golik, Franjo Majetić and Relja Bašić

About: Story set in Zagreb in mid thirties seen through the eyes of 6 year old boy is by Croatian film critics the best Croatian film ever made. Except the great actors, Zagreb is in the lead role. Famous courtyard in Basarićekova 11, Upper Town, Zrinjevac Park, Maksimir, Sava riverbank and nearby Samobor are cult filming locations where you can feel the spirit of Zagreb.


3. Rudolf barracks

Where: Republike Austrije 20 Film: The Tin Drum (Die Blechtrommel), Germany 1979. IMDb: 7,6 Walk of Fame: Volker Schlondorff

About: One of the most successful German films of the '70s, about a strange boy in the whirlwind of WW2 who does not want to grow up, won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. Part of the movie (historic scene of first battle in WW2 – Defence of the Polish Post office in Gdansk ) was shot at Črnomerec, at army Rudolf barracks.


4. Kamenita street

Where: Kamenita street Film: Sophie's Choice, UK 1982. IMDb: 7,7 Walk of Fame: Meryl Streep and Alan J.Pakula

About: For the Sophie's Choice - movie about WW2 ghosts of the past, Meryl Streep won the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role. In the film streets of Zagreb impersonate Warsaw and you can easily spot Upper Town especially Kamenita street in the second part of the film. Some scenes were shot at Downtown Zagreb and castle Reisernear Samobor.


5. Dolac market

Where: Dolac 9 Film: Armour of God (Lung Hing Foo Dai), Hong Kong 1986. IMDb: 7,1 Walk of Fame: Jackie Chan

About: Typical action martial arts film from the eighties with Jackie Chan as a young Asian movie star. A big part of the movie was shot in Zagreb (Upper Town, Freedom bridge, Mirogoj cemetery). Most famous chase scene was filmed at picturesque Dolac market where you can see motorcycles in air above the middle part of Dolac.


6. Mirogoj cemetery

Where: Aleja Hermana Bollea 27 Film: The Glembays (Glembajevi), Croatia 1988. IMDb: 7,8 Walk of Fame: Mustafa Nadarević and Ena Begović

About: Film adaptation of known Krleža's play is story about the fall of aristocratic family in the begening of 20th century in Zagreb. Scenes were rolling at many film locations in Zagreb like Croatian Institute of History (famous wrought iron fence), Maksimir Park, Mimara museum, Art Pavilion, Oktogon passage and Mirogoj cemetery (final scene).


7. Old railway building

Where: Jagićeva 2 Film: Fine Dead Girls (Fine mrtve djevojke), Croatia 2002. IMDb: 7,2 Walk of Fame: Dalibor Matanić, Olga Pakalović and Nina Violić

About: Contraversial story about two lesbians in post-war years in Zagreb who rent apartment in decrepit building with neighbors from hell. For prevailing suspense mood some of the credits goes to old railway building near the rail crossing in Jagićeva street. Old school caffe bar behind the house isn't there any more, but building still exist.


8. Old military hospital

Where: Vlaška 87 Film: Long Dark Night (Duga mračna noć), Croatia 2004. IMDb: 7,0 Walk of Fame: Antun Vrdoljak and Goran Višnjić

About: War saga about ideologies that have influenced Croatia before, during and after the WW2. Apart from locations in Slavonija region, around the city of Karlovac and Kloštar Ivanić, some scenes were shot in Zagreb, in Old military hospital. That large hospital building in courtyard of the military complex is often used for filming.


9. Medvednica mountain

Where: Medvednica mountain Film: The Hunting Party, USA 2007. IMDb: 6,9 Walk of Fame: Richard Gere

About: USA action film with elements of comedy about unauthorized mission to find the No.1 war criminal in Bosnia failed at Box Office. Movie was shot in Sarajevo, Karlovac, Duga Resa, Žumberak and Medvednica mountain above Zagreb. Action car chase scenes were filmed on a winding Sljeme road at southern slopes of Medvednica mountain.


10. Tkalčićeva street

Where: Tkalčićeva street Film: Metastases (Metastaze), Croatia (2009.) IMDb: 7,7 Walk of Fame: Rene Bitorajac and Franjo Dijak

About: Croatain Trainspotting is all about four troubled friends (bully, ex junkie, junkie and drunk) from Zagreb asphalt. Everything that happens in Metastases is mostly determined by location. Suburbs, Novi Zagreb, Medvedgrad castle, Maksimir stadium and Tkalčićeva street are essential elements in the movie. In Metastases, Zagreb is raw and genuine. 


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