Sandwich Bar Pingvin

Sandwich Bar Pingvin

Sandwich bar Pingvin is the best sandwich bar you can find in the center of Zagreb and has basically became a synonym for sandwich bars over the years.

There are a few places in Zagreb that serve food until the early morning hours and among them Sandwich bar Pingvin (Penguin) has a cult status - and that status is fully deserved!It's place where the locals eat when it's late night after the parties (or before going to them) and the best sandwich bar you can find in the center of Zagreb.


Located in the very center of Zagreb, in Teslina street 7, Pingvin is open all night long (every day from 09:00 AM till 05:00 AM) and offers a wide selection of sandwiches, burgers, salads and toast with a large selection of toppings, as well as dishes suitable for vegetarians (fried mushrooms, veggie burgers, many salads-in-a-sandwich options) and various beverages.


On the menu are more than 25 different types of sandwiches so everyone can choose something that suits their liking. Sandwiches can be toasted and you can add toppings such as mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles, onions, tomatoes, corn etc… The service is fast and the staff is very nice and helpful. But the best thing about the sandwiches in Pingvin is that they are freshly prepared in front of your eyes, delicious and exactly as it is required after a partying all night.


Sandwich bar Pingvin is a favorite place for quick-stop meals bylocals as well as tourists... because a good voice gets around, and prices are in comparison to the quality more than acceptable.

So, we invite you to the legendary sandwich bar Pingvin to treat your taste buds with the finest sandwiches in town.

“Right place for a sandwich in Zagreb” Gissele, Wien, A “Best sandwiches we have had in all of Europe!” Mike G, Los Angeles, California “Great cheap sandwiches for late night meals” Adriano, Lisbon, Portugal “Ate here twice a day for 4 days” Isa, Campinas, SP “sandwich bar that became institution” Marko, Zagreb, CRO “Awesome late night eatery!” Mary Claire, London, UK “Best sandwich in bun that Zagreb has to offer.” Kontessa, Dallas, Texas “Amazing place for a nice snack” Tim D, London, UK “An amazing sandwich bar!” Alessandro, Rome, I 

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