Samobor – perfect destination for weekend trip!

Samobor – perfect destination for weekend trip!

Samobor - medival town near Zagreb - perfect destination for cheap and fun weekend trip and gouret journey. Samobor is top destination for one-day trip!


What makes Samobor so attractive destination for weekend trip?

Self-effacing, romantic small town, Croatian jewel among the mountain cities, Samobor found it's place in the middleof Samobor mountain site. Over time, Samobor made transformation from small, quiet, unknown place into favoritedestination for weekend trip.

Perfect,relaxing, medieval small town.. The adventurous spirit travelers, mountaineers, artistic souls, gourmet tourists and hedonists in every sense rush in Samobor because of it's charm, beauty and various offers. During the sunny days visitors rush in the packs to Samobor, like a birds which are attracted to shiny objects. Why so many people choose Samobor when they want to go on a weekend trip? Nostalgic, dreamers and artistic soul will be attracted by unpolluted nature, the murmur of water, the abundance of beautiful flowers - wild and tame, domestic and wild animals... Small romantic houses with perfect gardens, gentle smiles and hospitality on the faces of locals...


Walk over the Samobor river... Gastro tourists and hedonists in every sense will remember tastes of Samobor specialties - stew, goulash with wildlife and the best cream-pie in the world long after the visit to the city... It will be too easy to relax and thrill into city spas at the healing spring of St. Helena - today the Šimhend bathing resort. Blessed are those who are hunger and thirst for pleasure, for they will be filled in Samobor!

Samor is good choice for gourmetjourney as well! Recreation enthusiasts will tell you that one of the best things in Samobor are 200 km of mountain paths above the city with remains of castle on the top which offers a stoning view. Come here for an active weekend trip! Influencers will tell you all that plus more, and confirm stated with the breath taking photos that will collect numerous likes and followers.

Samobor square. Rational and economical excursionists recommends Samobor because of good price – quallity ratio of the Samobor offer. Besides, they will highlithed it's good traffic connections to the surrounding places Zagreb is only 25 km away and the border crossing with Slovenia - Bregana - only 4 km. If you didn't target Samobor as your final destination - it can turn into your short break when you are travelling trought Zagreb County.

Old city of Samobor Locals will tell you only one think – you must visit Samobor, because it's our hometown, so that makes it the most beautifull place in the world! Whom to believe? The personal experience of people of various motives and affinities or the facts?

Samobor is full of verdure, so refreshing!!!

10 facts about Samobor that you need to know and that will certainly indicate you for a short weekend trip:

  1. Here you can eat the best cream - pies in the world (locals recommends the pastry Medenko)
  2. A full day excursion to Samobor - one return ticket from Zagreb, lunch, coffee, wine glass, cram - pie, hiking, sightseeing - will cost you an average of 300-400 kn per person, and probably less. Prices in the city are not inflated, nor during the peak season.
  3. Monuments and buildings dates back to 1240, but also from the later periods - for example, the Baroque or the Austro-Hungarian rule.
  4. The town has a spa resort on spring, healing, water.
  5. Numerous events take place during the year - the most popular is Samobor carnival, you just have to come and... go crazy! (Taste fresh crocuses...)
  6. The river that flows through the city gives a special charm. You can have coffee or lunch, in several places right by the water and also on the bridge over the river, what do you think about it?
  7. The water source flows along the hiking trail - try to grab it. This blessing confirms the fact that the best things in life are free.
  8. At the end of the Samobor trail stand big tower - the rest of the medieval Samobor fortress. The tower provides a perfect view, which is not accidental because once the towers have been built with the aim of the best visibility - for the prevention of the enemy. Today, these are locations with a perfect view.
  9. You will see many beautiful flowers and plants in the city and its surroundings.
  10. Gourmets will delight wild meat specialties to which they will not spend much money.

Samobor (hi)story

It's all started between 5000. – 4000. BC on Samobor hills - Stražnik, Hajdovčak i Gradišće. We know this because the remains of stone axes, tools, weapons, tools that were found on this area... But the needs of the man at that time were not in accordance with the conditions that the environment provides. Therefore, for the development of the urban environment, this region had everything: the river, the valley, the highlands for protection and safety, and the plain towards the Sava with its rugged paths. The great thing for the local population happened in 1240 - Prince Koloman awarded Samobor the privileges that liberated him from feudal lordship. Bela IV (Hungarian - Croatian King) gave the Samobor a charter of "free royal commerce" in 1242. The Feudal Fortress (the old town) remained in the possession of a nobleman who lived there from the 13th to 18th – after which it remained neglected. The city was mostly formed in the 18th century - houses, couriers, and surrounding chapels were built in that time.

Samobor - samo bor - only pine - origin of the name! XIX century is marked as time when construction of Samobor were in its peak. The basic street raster remained unchanged, but the new baroque contours of the city are now rounded by construction of modern house and buildings along existing roads. This process of urban definition of city streets and quarters has resulted in environments of exceptional value. The most beautiful example of this is the central Samobor Square. In the 19th century, parks and forests were arranged in Samobor, at the same time, spa baths and guest houses for tourist are opened.

Samobor is full of monuments! The vicinity of Zagreb city, good traffic connection and natural potencials are prerequisite for Samobor development and adaptation of the city to a tourist destination. In the year of 1868. the spa with sulfur water has started to work in St. Helena (today it's Šihmend's bath). After the World War II. the nucleuses of the old town of Samobor were built the new settlements, industrial drives have moved out of town. The slopes of Stražnika, Tepac, Anindola and Giznik became zones for individual housing construction. So today Samobor has become wonderfull, peacefull, and quiet town for living, but at the same time one of the top destination for wekeend trip in Croatia!

River that flows trought Samovbor! Have you already visited Samobor? What are your impressions? Share your experience with us, comment, tag, share content with those you think you might be interested in! 

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