Papa's American Bar – For Hungry and Thirsty

Papa's American Bar – For Hungry and Thirsty

Papa's American bar - the place which will satisfy your daily need for relaxed socializing

Papa's American Bar is located on Tuskanac 1, in a green oasis created in a city center, next to the Tuskanac cinema.

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Papa's is authentic American bar, the place which will satisfy your daily need for relaxed socializing. It was meant to be a place for all those who enjoy tasting well chosen and cooled beer, or delicious cocktail followed by all kinds of burgers, sandwiches and salads – all American style. The menu was created thorougly and is based on fresh ingredients – the owners are proud of meat and home made sauces.

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Besides the pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, the huge terrace of Papa's American Bar will give you refreshment during Summer because the temperature – thanks to the park that surrounds it – is always at least 5° less than in the city.

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The interior should not be neglected as well. The place is decorated in American style – walls are covered with photos that show the best known American iconic figures. Among many souvenirs you may find original sports uniform which belonged to Dwyane Wade, as well as American Navy marks left by their marines as a memory. Papa's organizes parties on American holidays or festivals.

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Their recipes are a secret, of course – just like in America, but we may say that all the ingredients are local and frsh. Hot-dogs are made of domestic meat, chicken wings, wraps and other are extremely tasty and the owners are happy to say that burgers they make are 100% beef. Do you want to know how they taste? We've tastedand we can say freely: Papa's burgers will make you reach the top of your gourmand satisfaction and your taste buds will just explode!

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As a side dish, we recommend you to take a salad: the choice is difficult since the variety of salads is big. But, try the Ceasar salad first since the locals say it's one of the best salads in Zagreb. No matter how much you eat, or what you eat, make sure you leave some space for a dessert. Papa's American Bar offers you carrot cake, Oreo cake, apple pie (of course, did you doubt?) and a chocolate brownie served with an ice-cream!And beverages… oh, they have more than 50 types of beer, juices and cocktails made by Mr. Marin Nekić – five times cocktail champion in Croatia.

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Prices are affordable: between 30 and 38 kunas for burgers, other dishes are bewteen 24 and 39 kunas, for salads you'll pay around 30 kn and 16 kunas for a dessert.

Beer costs between 17 and 32 kunas and cocktails range from 22 to 39 kunas. 

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