Enjoy Advent in Zagreb - winter dishes & drinks

Enjoy Advent in Zagreb - winter dishes & drinks

In this article we are giving you food & drink tips that will sure help you to raise your energy spent on the Advent in Zagreb

In the recent years, during the Advent in Zagreb, winterbecomes livelier and warmer, and the fun is now waiting for you on many streets and squares of our city! And each year Advent in Zagreb has several new events...This year, fun for the whole family is prepared at Advent in Maksimir, which will take place in cooperation with the Zagreb zoo. Beside that, the Advent of Old Tkalča (inTkalčićeva street) presents the traditional trades and the spirit of the oldest Zagreb settlements, Gradec and Kaptol, and the third new event is 'Film Advent', which will take place in the Cinema Europa. In this article we are giving you the list of the traditional Croatian dishes and drinks that will sure help you to raise the energy spent on the Advent in Zagreb!So let's start...


1. Sarma

advent dish
This dish is also called the "queen of the winter dishes", and when you try it you will immediately understand why is that so. Sarma is a dish of minced meat and usually rice wrapped in either cabbage or vine leaves. This dish is most common in the Balkanarea and originates from Bulgaria butyou can also find it in Greece, Ukraine and Turkey! Try the best Sarma at the restaurant "Stari fijaker 900" in Mesnička street 6.

2. Sausages

advent dish
Rumor says that the people from Slavonija region knowhow to make the greatest and tastiest sausages! But, you will be surprised when you come to Zagreb and try our local sausages which are made mostly from pork meat, salt, pepper, and garlic that gives them the taste you will enjoy. These sausages are also famous around the world! So, you can remember Croatia and the feeling you had when you ate them for the first time! Try the best Sausages at the "Wurst Bar" in Teslina street 7 or at the Strossmayer squre during the Advent in Zagreb.

3. Buncek

advent dish
When its cold outside you have to treat yourself with a real winter dish - Buncek. This dish is made from the rear pork shank and you can cook it, simmer it but the best flavor comes when you roast the meat. It is usually served with braised potatoes and sour cabbage. Try the best Buncek at the restaurant "Stari fijaker 900" in Mesnička street 6.

4. Roasted turkey with mlinci (pasta tatters)

advent dish
Roasted turkey with mlinciis a Croatianfolk-cuisine specialty, especially inCentral Croatia and is favorite Christmas meal prepared when families come together!The turkey meat is roasted and then mixed with cooked mlinci that are quickly fried in turkey fat before serving. The taste is amazing! Try the best roasted turkey with mlinci at Bistro "Vještica" in Vranyczanyeva street 6.

5. Pašticada

advent dish
It is a stewed beef dish cooked in a special sauce and is very popular in Croatia. It is often called Dalmatinska pašticada because its origins from Dalmatia region around the fifteenth century. This meal is very popular at important feasts such as weddings or anniversaries. It is usually served with gnocchi, bread dumplings or homemade pasta. This dish is perfect if you want to impress somebody while taking a walk through the town. Try the best Pašticada at "Konoba Didov San" in Mletačka street 11.

6. Vegan sarma

advent dish
If you don´t eat meatwe strongly recommend you to try the "queen of winter dishes" changed from the meat version into a vegan specialty. It is clothed into sour cabbage, filled with buckwheat, smoked tofu and vegetables and the garnished with mashed pumpkin. It is really a dish that invigorates your body and soul. Try the best vegan sarma at bistro "Veganšpek" in Nikole Tomašića street 6A.

7. Germknödel

advent dish
Germknödel is a big sweet dumpling usually filled with plum jam served with vanilla cream sauce and with a mix of poppy seeds and sugar on top. The dumpling is steamed and then served while still hot. It is a culinary specialty from Austria but alsowell accepted in Croatia where people fell in love with it! You will maybe wait a minute longer to get it, but we promise you it is worth it! Try the best Germknödel at "Rougemarin" stands, at Fuliranje, European square, main city square(Christmas fairytale) and on Plato Gradec - Klovićevi dvori.


1. Mulled wine

advent dish
Late autumn and winter cannot exist without this beverage! It is made in large quantities from wine, clove leaves, cinnamon, sugar and sometimes with the addition of orange slices. It is very tasty and sweet but it also heats your belly and makes you feel very good. We all enjoy it and we hope you will do too! Try the best mulled wine at the beerhouse "Pinta" in Radićeva street 3.

2. Rakija

advent dish
Some people call this drink "brandy", others call it "schnapps" but we locals know it as rakija! It isdistilled spirit that is a great happiness booster. It is usually made made by fermenting fruit juicesalong with the base liquor. The result of this process is a stronger and oftenclear distilled spirit. People in Croatia say it is the best medicament for everything during winter days because it warms our fingers, throat, stomach and soul! Try the best rakija at "Buzz Bar" in Preradovićeva street 30.

3. Champagne

advent dish
What can we say about this drink that you already don´t know? Maybe that we have a great vineyard near Zagreb that makes sparkly wines. You can drink champagne whenever you want but we in Croatia are drinking it most at New Year eve when we dance, kiss, drink champagne and enjoy in it sparkling! Try the best champagne at "Bastion No 19" in Masarykova street 19. So, eat, drink and enjoyAdvent in Zagreb! 

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