Bajadera pralines - superb quality and supreme pleasure

Bajadera pralines - superb quality and supreme pleasure

Divine creamy taste and fine solubility of Bajadera pralines are the result of original, protected Kraš recipe and special production procedures

Generations of consumers have enjoyed diverse range of sweet products from Kraš for over a century; from the beginning of production in 1911, to the present day! Long-term orientation towards the production of original, high-quality products and fulfillment of the desires and needs of consumers have ensured Kraš leading position in confectionery industry in the region. The best of Kraš is presented through its brands. One of its most widely recognized and enjoyed brands is Bajadera.

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Bajadera - superb quality and supreme pleasure

Kraš started the production of various, handmade nougat products in the 20s of the last century. Thanks to the knowledge and creativity of their technologists Bajadera was created. It was originally packed in luxurious gift boxes along with other Kraš sweets, but because of its uniqueness, in 1954 becomes a separate product. Divine, creamy taste and fine solubility of Bajadera are the result of original, protected Kraš recipe and special production procedures. Bajadera’s nutritional wealth comes from high-quality ingredients which have strictly controlled origin - finest hazelnuts, almonds, enriched cocoa butter and cocoa mass.

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Bajadera - the unique design and a wide range of packaging

The current cover design of Bajadera dates from 1989, and its longevity is one of the peculiarities of this brand. Bajadera comes in a wide variety of packaging for all occasions of consumption; from personal consumption (in Kraš Bonbonnière you can buy Bajadera per piece) to the exclusive gift packaging. During the period of the strongest pralines consumption which from October till December, Bajadera is further enriched with Christmas packaging and limited editions of standard packaging.


Bajadera Amarus - new flavor in Bajadera family

For the first time in 60 years of its history, at the end of 2015, the brand Bajadera got an extension in flavor that uniquely combines Kraš tradition, quality and experience.A special feature of the new Bajadera Amarus is the finest dark nougat, enriched with aromatic combination of sweet and bitter almonds and the finest hazelnuts which present the unique taste of Mediterranean. You should definitely try it!

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Did you know?

  • Bajadera is the name for the oriental court dancer.
  • Bajadera is the name of the famous ballet by Ludwig Minkus whose first performance was in 1877 at the Bolshoi Theatre in St. Petersburg.
  • Bajadera is the most commonly purchased box of pralines in Croatia - during the holiday season there is barely a household that doesn´t have this Kraš product.
  • Number of Bajaderas consumed per piece in in the period of one year is measured in the tens of millions of pieces.
  • Based only on a form of pralines (without packaging, design and logos) as much as 90% of the Croats instantly know that it´s Bajadera. When wrapped pralines are recognized almost by everyone.
  • Almost everyone who recognize Bajadera know that the praline is produced by Kraš! Bajadera is the first product that has received the "Croatian Creation" mark in 1997 for its originality, superior quality, unique characteristic, autochthonism and innovation. 

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