Advent in Zagreb 2016/2017

Advent in Zagreb 2016/2017

Advent in Zagreb is the best Christmas fair town in the Europe!

Advent - one of the most beautiful partsof the year when Christmas is just around the corner, snow is falling, gifts are being prepared, and a lot of events took place in Zagreb that you can visit! And just to remind you, last year Advent in Zagreb was chosen forthe best Christmas fair town! So come and see why.

Advent in the Tunnel


In the Grič tunnel you can experience the Christmas fairy tale with 3D ceiling installations, holiday music and video projections that will create a real Advent feeling.

Advent in the courtyards - advent edition

This popular summer manifestation got its winter edition. From the 3rd till 23rd of December the courtyards of palace Amadeo in Demetrova 1 street, palace Balbi in Demetrova 11, Zagreb city museum in Opatička 20 and Croatian history institute in Opatička 10 will be open. There you can enjoy in various concerts, live performances and gastro programs.

Advent on the Vranciani lawn

The lawn near the Lotrščak tower in the Upper Town Zagrebwill be decorated like the book “Šuma Striborova” wtitten by famous Croatian writerIvana Brlić-Mažuranić! You can expect souvenirs and gastro delights but also, you´ll be able to find all kinds of art workshops and book nights of this renown Croatian writer.

Advent on Stross


On the Strossmayer promenade you´ll find 3 domes that are going to be decorated in holiday fashion! And all of themwill host a lot of musicians.

Fashion advent inOctagon Passage

From the 10th till 31st of December the whole OctagonPassagewill be like a fashion street. You will be able to see the creations of 12 Croatian designers and everyday there will be a jazz program. On Wednesdays you’ll be able totaste delicious food from famous Croatian chef Mate Janković, on Thursdays you´ll be able to see fashion shows from the respectable Croatian designers and on Sundays in the “Business Cafe” you´ll be able to meet Croatian entrepreneurs.

New Advent in New Zagreb

Zagreb museums (4)

From the 1st till 31st of December on the Museum of Contemporary Artplateau you can find about 15 little houses that will offer food from the most famous Zagreb restaurants! There´salso an entertainment program like concerts and workshops for children. On the plateau you’ll be able to buy live Christmas trees which are kept in pots, but there will be also an option to rent them!

At Rudolph’s - an advent for kids

At Rudolph’s on Strossmayer Square it will be all about kids. There you´ll be able to find all sorts of great stuff for children whichwill be able to play, draw, jump around, laugh and enjoy all kinds of workshops. Animation movies and movies for kids and teens will be displayed on the screen. But that’s not all, because your kids will be able toenjoy theater plays and DJ music as well. And don’t forget to bring your sleighs because there will be a small snowy hill for the kids!

Santa Claus icy fairy tale

At advent in Zagreb in one of the Zagreb Fair halls you’ll be able to find over 30 igloos, a big outdoor stage for concerts and events and a big ice skating rink. In the magical castle of Santa Clause there will be magical tours, you´ll be able to listen magic fairy tales read by famous actors, wrap presents with elves and meet the one and the only - Santa Claus!

Design district advent

On the beginning of Martićeva street there will be an“Advent square” with unconventional treats and a music program. Advent houses will be high upto 6 meters, unevenly shaped, made from wood and translucent cloth. In the nearby “Croatian Design Superstore” there´ll be all kinds of workshops, concerts and much more to see.

Advent in Zagreb in the "Klovićevi dvori” gallery

An ice skating rink will be put in the atrium of one of Zagreb’s most famous galleriesKlovićevi dvori. Beside the ice fun, on the plateau Gradec you’ll be able to take a photo with snowflakes from this beautiful sight seeing place. And of course, some of the most popular Croatian bands like Songkillers andVatra will make this Advent just perfect!

Advent on Zrinjevac

Archive of Zagreb Tourist Board - Photo: Hrvoje Pilić

At Zrinjevac Park advent you’ll find unique decorations, souvenirs and gastro specialties fromZagreb - just ask for “strukle” or “krpice sa zeljem” and knock yourselves out. We know you’ll like it!

Ice park on the Tomislav Square

Archive of Zagreb Tourist Board - Photo: Julien Duval
Archive of Zagreb Tourist Board - Photo: Julien Duval

With the sounds of holiday music, while ice skating on Tomislav square you can always take a break with the best winter food. And when you´ll get tired of the ice, you can enjoy in a lot of cultural and Christmas events!

Advent in Zagreb on the European Square

Concerts, attractions, shows and everything you want from the most famous European cities.

Fuliranje aka Fooling around the Funicular

advent in zagreb
Archive of Zagreb Tourist Board - Photo: Julien Duval

This year the famous Tomićeva street becomes the “Chef’s street”. In ityou’ll enjoy the food from the most famous Croatian chef’s.

Other advent in Zagreb locations

Archive of Zagreb Tourist Board - Photo: Julien Duval
Archive of Zagreb Tourist Board - Photo: Julien Duval

You can also visit the standard locations - Central Square advent, live Bethlehem Jesus child birth place in front of Zagreb Cathedral, “Artomat” in Mosque, Christmas fairy tale in front of “Johan Franck” caffe bar, st. Dizmo church, holiday events in “Mala scena” theater, Ethnographic museum, Museum of arts and crafts and the Croatian national theater

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