A heart of Russia in Zagreb

A heart of Russia in Zagreb

Find the heart of Russia in the heart of Croatia - Zagreb city! Try traditional and authentic food and buy Russian souvenirs.

A heart of Russia in Zagreb

If you are a lover of Russian culture - find it in Zagreb! Russian culture has a long and rich history, steeped in literature, ballet, painting and classical music. The variety and flavours of Russian cuisine are amazing. Don´t miss a heart of Russia in Zagreb.

russia in zagreb
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Visit Russia

There are two best spots in Zagreb city for you to try and explore Russian culture. First one is Russian Delicacies. This is a small gift shop. They offer various souvenirs, gifts, cosmetics, sweets - all Russian. The second one is Rusko Bistro. Here you can try traditional food and drinks. You can et at a restaurant or simply order by Glovo or Wolt.

russian food zagreb
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Delicious food

At Rusko Bistro you can try traditional and authentic Russian classics.For example, you can trypelmeni, which are famous Russian ravioli, filled with meat. On the other hand,vareniki, bigger ravioli, filled with cheese, spinach, potato, onion, etc. Another Russian classic isboršč,a traditional, cremy, beetroot soup.

russian food zagreb
Source: journal.hr Most importantly, for sweet lovers – you can definitely try different pancakes. For example: pancakes with condensed milk, blueberry or strawberry jam. Furthermore, they have theMedovik cake. You can also try Russian sweets and chocolate, traditional beer. Of course, vodka is here too. And most importantly, they are not expensive!

Souvenirs & Gifts

russian food
Source: https://www.facebook.com/RuskeDelicije/ At the cute gift shop youcan find some of the finest caviars, the famous vodka, various smoked fish specialties and authentic Russian sweets. Moreover,you will also find Georgian wines, and Soviet champange. Russians don´t like sour food or drinks. Therefore, you will not find anything sour. Besides food and drinks, you will also find traditional Russian scarves – Pavlovo Posad. They are extremely beautiful and very unique. If you like fashion this is a must. Furthermore, traditional Russian souvenirs are a great option for home decor or a gift for a friend. In that case, don´t miss the famous Matryoshka dolls. If you are a light traveller, be sure to use theironline webshopand use their EU wide delivery. In this case, your super Russian products can wait for you at home. 

When you come to the shop, you will not only look. They offer you a free tasting of various delicacies. In that case, you can meet the Russian flavours, too.

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