5 Ways to Experience Zagreb Like A Local

5 Ways to Experience Zagreb Like A Local

You´ve already experience Zagreb ´s main sights and now you´re wondering what to do next? Looking to step off the beaten track and get into the local rhythm?

You´ve already experience Zagreb ´smain sights and now you´re wondering what to do next? Looking to step off the beaten track and get into the local rhythm? Or maybe you just want to escape the tourist crowds? Our locals have you covered, whatever your interests are, whatever the weather is, you will experience Zagreb to the fullest!

1. Enjoy thenature in the ZagrebBotanical garden

Located only few steps away from the Zagreb main train station, in a 10-minute walk from the city main square, you’ll find a Botanical Garden! It is literary trapped between the busy streets of Zagreb! Not too long, but still such a beautiful and interesting walk through the garden pathways, will make you to enjoy and relax from the busy city streets! Along the many plant species, this Garden is also a refuge for many animal species as well. Some of them are the permanent residents, while the others are just the regular visitors! The denizens of the pools and lakes (the little fishes, frogs and turtles) are the most interesting for the kids, as are the green lizards that are regularly basking at the sun on the rock gardens and alongside the glasshouses.The Garden is open to the publicfrom the 1st of the April till the 1st of November andon all holidaysexcept Assumption day(15th of August),All Saints' Day(1st of November) and theEaster! Admission is free!

2. Relax and have a picnic in the beautiful Maksimir Park

The Maksimir Park was originally formed at the outskirts of Zagreb in the end of 18th and the first half of the 19th century. Today it´s completely surrounded with the town settlements! Besides forest, in the Maksimir Park you´ll find meadows, lakes and streams, which represent the important habitats for various plant and animal species!During the time this park was formed, it was one of the most modern, elite and popular places in this part of the Europe!Today, Maksimir represent a first rate of antique living part of the city area with which we should keep and preserve a prestigious place among European historical sights with a modern approach to the protection and ways of utilization.Maksimir Park is to Zagreb as theBois de Boulogne is to Paris, theTiergarten to Berlin or theRegents Park to London! And because of all that its values should be acknowledged and used in an appropriate way! So... are you ready to experience Zagreb in a different and more natural way?

3. Head tothe Upper Townfor awesome city views

Once you’ve experience Zagreb from the ground level, it’s a great idea to head above to take a panoramic look on the city’s many famous cultural and historic structures, squares, streets, and parks. At the Zagreb´s Upper Town there are few viewpoints which´re worth mentioning! First of them is the viewpoint from the Lotršćak Tower -the best preserved part of the former city fortification! From there you will have a stunning 360° view of the city! Just below theLotrščak Towerthere is a viewpoint at the plateau beside theZagreb Funicularupper station(the shortest funicular railway in the world)! It is very popular photo/selfie spot with a view towards south, east and west part of the city. Another popular spot with an unique view towards Zagreb Cathedral is the Gradec Plateau - located behind the St Catherine’s Church and just a few steps away from the Strossmayer Promenade! Come to these places and experience Zagreb from above!

4. Hike to the top of Mount Medvednica

The peak of Medvednica (that´s a name for the mountain above Zagreb) is called Sljeme and is situated at 1033 meters above the sea level. At the Medvednica mountain you can experience Zagreb through various outdoor activities in all seasons! Just take a short public transport ride to the mount Medvednica slopes, or a twenty minute long car drive from the very city center to the Sljeme peak.Take a hike, enjoy in the cycling trails during the whole year or on the ski slopes in winter! After the exercisetreat yourself with the local specialties in the numerous mountain huts!

5. Discover the delights of Croatian food

If you want to experience Zagreb through the taste of Croatian dishes, this is your choice! At this link you´ll find everything what you need to know... from the authentic traditional culinary delicacies that are proudly representing the city of Zagreb to the authentic Dalmatian taverns locations which will impress you with an amount and the quality of authentic Croatian food! Bonus tip: We are highly recommending you to visit listed places with the empty stomach and an open heart! But be careful... Because If you let their dishes to cast a spell on you will want to eat them again and again! 

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