Oio Vivo Zagreb

Buy premium Istrian extra virgin olive oil as a traditional and delicious Croatian souvenir at Oio Vivo shop & wine in Zagreb.

What to expect

Premium Istrian extra virgin olive oil.

Oio Vivo Zagreb
Oio Vivo Zagreb
Oio Vivo Zagreb
Oio Vivo Zagreb
Oio Vivo Zagreb
Oio Vivo Zagreb
Oio Vivo Zagreb

Oio Vivo

If you're looking for an original and delicious souvenir: visit the Oio Vivo shop and the bar in the Zagreb city centre from the famous olive oil company Oio Vivo. Their oil has won many awards and gold medals in Dubai. Here you can buy olive oil and enjoy a nice drink afterwards.

The liquid gold

Oio Vivo from Galižana owns as many as 80 hectares of olive groves, which makes it the largest olive grower in southern Istria. Itbears an ancient Roman name in honor of the Istro-Roman dialect that is still in use today in the Vodnjan area. Their Istrian olive oil is a natural juice squeezed from the fruit of indigenous varieties of young, fresh olives from pure varietal olive groves, in which all valuable biological and nutritional ingredients are maximally preserved.

High quality

Indigenous varieties, integrated cultivation, timely and manual harvesting, fast processing and careful storage are the key to the first-class quality of Oio Vivo extra virgin olive oil. Their oils have won gold medals at a competition in Dubai. Their bar in Zagreb sells of course all oils, a number of wines from Istria and other parts of Croatia (we saw, for example, Erdut Royal Hill Rose). It also functions as a normal café with a wider selection of alcoholic and soft drinks. For now, they do not serve food. It should be offered when a terrace is set up in front of the bar. Oio Vivo is the first Istrian olive oil producer to open a store in the very center of Zagreb.

If you want a unique and high quality gift to take home or just for yourself - we recommend these oils. In case you're traveling to Istria - don't miss their Tasting room. Click here for more info.

The Awards

Oio Vivo oils have won one of the prestige world's awards for high quality oils. Only this year they've won three gold medals in Dubai for their Vodnjanska Buža, Rozinjola and Žižolera. On the international contest last year in Monte Carlo they've won first prize for high quality standard. They are pround to say that their oils have won many of the gold medals on the international competitions in previous years, such as in New York City, Japan, Paris, and more. This is for sure the best local product you can take with you as a memory of Croatia. 

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