Wine city in Zagreb

14.06.2024 - 29.06.2024

Wine city in Zagreb

Vinski grad is a summer wine festival designed for casual wine enthusiasts to explore and enjoy wines from fifteen Croatian wineries in a relaxed atmosphere.

Explore Vinski Grad: Your Summer Wine Oasis

Vinski Grad invites you to experience a unique summer wine festival designed for those who are new to the world of wine or simply enjoy discovering new flavors in a relaxed setting. Nestled within a beautiful wine oasis, the festival showcases wines from fifteen Croatian wineries representing all wine regions. Visitors can purchase wines directly from the producers at winery prices and indulge in culinary delights from several exhibitors.

Entrance to Vinski Grad is free, offering everyone the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate Croatian wines in a welcoming and laid-back environment. Join us at Vinski Grad for a memorable journey through Croatia's diverse wine culture this summer!

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