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ART PLAC transforms Dolac-Splavnica into a vibrant hub for artists and creatives every last Saturday of the month, offering unique artworks and souvenirs in the heart of Zagreb.

ART PLAC: A Monthly Artistic Transformation at Dolac-Splavnica

Every last Saturday of the month, ART PLAC repurposes the iconic public space of Dolac-Splavnica (after market hours) into a gathering place for artists and creatives from the fields of visual and applied arts and design. Located in the heart of Zagreb, between Jelačić Square and Tkalča, Dolac-Splavnica traditionally beautifies the city with its colorful array of flowers.

ART PLAC retains the character and charm of this lively street, offering original artworks and souvenirs that can brighten any home or serve as a unique memory of a visit to Zagreb.

Event Details:

When: Every last Saturday of the month, from May to October, in the afternoon


Where: Dolac-Splavnica, Zagreb city center
After your Saturday morning visit to Dolac to purchase fresh produce, return to Splavnica in the afternoon to explore a unique artistic offering in the city. Enjoy free art workshops for all ages and immerse yourself in the vibrant creativity that ART PLAC brings to Zagreb.

See you there!

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