Nextbike is eco-friendly, healthy, practical and pretty cheap way of transportation. You can find Nextbike in 14 different location. Meet Zagreb on bike!

What to expect

Eco-friendly, healthy, practical and pretty cheap way of transportation.



You’re coming to Zagreb by plane, bus or train and while staying here, you’ll have to rely on public transportation, right? Well, we would like to suggest you to consider renting a bike. That’s eco-friendly, healthy, practical and pretty cheap. Plus, you’ll be faster than by foot, but still have more freedom than in a car or similar.

For city transportation in Zagreb use Nextbike. They have developed a net throughout Europe and the capital of Croatia is no exception. How does it function?

Go to their website and find locations easily where you can take a bike. You can register on the bike station terminal by using their app (, or via the website. Or, you may register directly at the reception of the hostel or hotel you’re staying at. As simple as that! The only thing you need for registration is a credit/debit card and a phone to call the service where you’ll tell the number of bike you want to rent. After you enter the number into your mobile phone, you’ll get the code and you’ll be able to open the combination lock on the bike.

Prices are low. As a matter a fact, renting a bike is the cheapestcity transportation, so we suggest you to try. First 30 minutes per day are free at Nextbike. An additional nine hours (used after these first free half an hour), will be deducted successively from your active account and until that, you will not have to upcharge the account. After that, just reactivate the account and transfer the amount you need for the tariff of your choice.

After making these technical things, you will be able to go wherever you want in Zagreb: explore the streets, museums, parks and don’t forget to grab a snack by the way. Also, visiting the river Sava that flows through Zagreb is also a good idea. If you decide to ride around the city, why not? You have many possibilities where to go and using a bike is just the healthiest way of travelling.

After you’re done with your ride or a small trip around the city, you need to return the bike to an official Nextbike location. As we mentioned before, on the website you will be able to see all the 14 Nextbike locations in Zagreb, so pick the nearest one: King Tomislav Square, Petrinjska Street, Gundulićeva Street, Eugen Kvaternik Square, Technical Museum, National and University Library, Shopping center Point Vrbani III, Avenue Mall, bistro RougeMarin Segečica, Maksimir, Green Gold Radnička Street, Dormitory Cvjetno naselje, Britanski Square and Zagreb Fair.

When you get there, just push the bike to the rack, lock the bike with the padlock and shift the numbers. If there is no free parking racks use the padlock to lock the bike to another bike and confirm return on the terminal. There is one thing you should know: If you rent a bike for more than 24 hours, Nextbike will charge you for the whole next day.

All other information, as well as answers to frequently asked questions, you may find on their website. If you’re staying in Croatia as a group, contact Nextbike and arrange your group rent. They also have special prices for guided tours. 

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