6 Best Beaches in Zadar for Sun, Sand and Sea

6 Best Beaches in Zadar for Sun, Sand and Sea

Looking for the best beaches in Zadar? Discover the top beaches with crystal clear waters, stunning scenery, and endless activities.

Zadar, a lovely coastal town in Croatia, is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Whether you are a sun worshipper, a water sports enthusiast, or a nature lover, this city has a beach that would leave you breathless! From sandy shores to secluded rocky coves, there is a place for everyone. Let's dive in and explore the best beaches in Zadar and its area!

Sakarun Beach

Let’s start with the incredible Sakarun Beach, located on the island of Dugi Otok. The crystal-clear sea and soft white sand leave visitors from all over the world speechless. It’s a perfect spot for swimming and chilling in the sea, while the pine forest provides shade for those looking to escape the sun. And the best part? The beach is easily accessible and there are plenty of amenities to enjoy and have fun, like restaurants and bars.

Sakarun beach
Sakarun beach

Source: Dugi Otok

Borik Beach

Borik Beach is the largest and one of the most beautiful beaches in Zadar, located just 4km north of the city center. We should mention that it's managed by a hotel complex, so you'll have to pay a small charge to enter. The magical, sandy beach and concrete slabs make it a popular choice for locals and tourists alike. Plus, sunbeds and parasols are available for rent. There are also plenty of facilities including toilets, showers, and bars selling food and drink. For those looking for a bit more adventure, there are activities such as scuba diving, windsurfing, parasailing, and beach volleyball.

Borik beach
Borik beach

Source: Adriatic.hr

Sabunike Beach

Sabunike Beach is a lovely beach with crystal-clear and calm waters, making it perfect for swimming all day! The sandy coastline is ideal for entering the water easily compared to other pebble beaches in Zadar. Be aware that there is no shade here, so it's a good idea to rent or bring parasols. And as the cherry on the top - the breathtaking views of Mt. Velebit and Pag Island add a fairytale touch to the overall experience.

Sabunike beach
Sabunike beach

Source: Cro Destinations

Kožino Beach

Kožino Beach is a quieter, more secluded beach just 15 minutes from Zadar. Although rocky, the beach is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet. There is plenty of natural shade from the pine trees right on the beach, but the rocky nature of the coastline makes it less suitable for swimming. However, the secluded atmosphere and stunning views make Kožino Beach worth visiting for total relaxation.

Kožino beach (The Best Beaches in Zadar)
Kožino beach

Source: Zadar Tourist Board

Punta Skala Beach

Punta Skala is another stunning beach located on the Punta Skala peninsula. The clear blue waters and white pebble beach make it a perfect spot for taking the rest from the crowds and city’s hustle and bustle. Moreover, there are plenty of facilities in vicinity, including restaurants and bars, as well as a kids' playground. The beach is super easy to access, and the surrounding area is a great spot for hiking and exploring the beauties of Zadar.

Punta Skala Beach
Punta Skala Beach

Source: Villa Punta Skala

Diklo Beach

Last but not least, there’s Diklo Beach. It’s a beautiful pebble beach, only 6 km northwest of Zadar. It's surrounded by crystal-clear waters and offers stunning views of the nearby islands. You can enjoy all day on sunbeds while big umbrellas protect you from the sun. There are also toilets, showers, and changing rooms. And if you want to grab a bite to eat or a refreshing drink, you can do it in some of the top-quality restaurants and bars. One of the best things about Diklo Beach is that it's not as crowded as some of the other beaches. Therefore, it’s the absolutely perfect place to relax and unwind.

Diklo beach (The Best Beaches in Zadar)
Diklo beach

Source: Pinterest

Ready to Visit Some of The Best Beaches in Zadar?

When we sum it all up, Zadar is a city that truly has it all - from the rich cultural heritage to stunning natural beauty. With its variety of beaches, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you prefer the soft sand of Sakarun Beach, the bustling atmosphere of Borik Beach, or the peaceful seclusion of Kožino Beach, Zadar beaches will make you fall in love with this place! So, what are you waiting for? It's time to start planning your summer vacation in this Dalmatian pearl! 

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