Dominis & Mago

Unique olive wood and Brač stone products & Croatian clothing brand.

What to expect

Unique olive wood products and high quality Croatian clothing.

Dominis & Mago
Dominis & Mago
Dominis & Mago
Dominis & Mago
Dominis & Mago
Dominis & Mago
Dominis & Mago


Welcome to Dominis - a place where they design, manufacture and distribute olive wood and Brač stone products and import and distribute consumer and musical electronics from the world's leading manufacturers. They are continuously expanding their offer with new products.

What makes them so special? 

Their products are handmade, therefore each product is unique. Moreover, they have a long-standing tradition of making products and loads of satisfied customers.


Choose beautiful products of local production from olive wood and stone. All products last unbelievably long, which is a reflection of the quality of the materials. The unique design of the Dalmatian flair that never goes out of fashion is imbued in every product.
It doesn´t matter if you´re choosing gifts for your family and friends, or for your business partners - Dominis has it all! When choosing gifts for business partners, keep in mind that they should be of good quality because they are a reflection of your business and company. With them, you can strengthen business relationships or turn one-time clients into lifelong partners.

They offer FREE engraving for business users.
In addition to business partners, please your family and friends with a tailor-made gift. Find something that would delight them in the wide selection in their web shop.

A satisfied customer remains our main motive, therefore we constantly improve and adapt our services with the aim of making them even simpler, faster and of better quality.


Mago - a fashion place where elegance meets quality. 

This is an authentic fashion story, inspired by emotions. Mago offers you unique feelings - because style is not only what you have on, but also how do you feel wearing it. We always recommend going local - therefore, buy authentic Croatian clothing of high quality at their store at Dioklecijanova 1, Split. They offer high quality 100% cotton tshirts, shirts, tracksuits, and more. Have fun shopping!


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