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A bus tour from Split to the Klis Fortress and Olive museum.

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Apodos Travel Agency
Apodos Travel Agency
Apodos Travel Agency
Apodos Travel Agency
Apodos Travel Agency
Apodos Travel Agency
Apodos Travel Agency
Apodos Travel Agency
Apodos Travel Agency
Apodos Travel Agency
Apodos Travel Agency
Apodos Travel Agency

Apodos Travel Agency

Apodos is created for people who share the same passion for trips as they do. With the best price and top service their team will spare you concerns about the organization and make your trips comfortable, safe, relaxed and unforgettable. 

Apodos offers various tours: Wine Tasting & Sunset, Green Line, Blue Line, Walking Tour. Moreover, with them you can book your one day trips or even a boat tour. The most famous is their Sighseeing Bus Tour.

Klis Fortress & The Ethno Village 

If you are a foodie, a nature lover and are looking to escape crowds and experience authentic Dalmatian heritage - here you are! Join their Green Line Tour at their open top bus - a halfday  tour where you get the true Dalmatia.

They have an english speaking tour guide and audio guides in 8 languages. 

Klis fortress is one of the most prominent fortification buildings in Croatia, with an imposing history dating back to the period before the new era. Nowadays it is famous for the Game of Thrones serie, playing the role of the town of Meeren. 

Stella Croatica

Olive Museum Klis, set within Stella Croatica complex, offers a multisensory experience of Dalmatia’s heritage.

Experience the traditional way of olive harvesting and processing and storing olive oil, so you could compare it with the modern version. Find out which are the most important olive varieties in Croatia, and learn how to recognize true extra virgin olive oil. Finally, learn all the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil.

Part 1 – History of the olive tree and olive growing in Croatia

Part  2 – Olive varieties in Croatia

Part 3 – Video room

Part 4 – Modern-day olive harvesting and olive oil production

Part 5 – Health benefits of extra virgin olive oil

You can secure your place in a daily workshop on ways to recognize extra virgin olive oil. Engage your senses and learn all about the “Liquid Gold”.

If you´re interested in culinary lessons, they also offer traditional workshops, but are only available on request. 

Moreover, in their complex they have Mediterranean gardens, filled with lavander, rosemary and other fragrant and flowering shrubs.

Their tavern offers a family atmosphere and local Dalmatian dishes served in a beautiful courtyard of the estate’s central square.
Don´t miss their shop -  filled with sweets made of figs, walnuts and citrus fruits, healthy and tasty honey, a variety of cookies and cakes, jams and spreads.

This is truly  the most local experience you will get!


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