8 Things You Should Avoid in Split

8 Things You Should Avoid in Split

Discover the things you should avoid in Split to have a safe and enjoyable visit. From scams to overpriced restaurants, we've got you covered!

Split is a wonderful town on the Dalmatian coast that boasts so many qualities! Starting from the stunning magical sea, over one-of-a-kind architecture to the fantastic fun offer, it simply has it all! We would dare to say it's almost flawless! However, just like any other popular tourist destination, Split has some things you should be aware of and cautious about. So, let's go together through the specific things you should avoid in Split.


1. Scams

Let's be real - scams are happening everywhere. It’s a common problem in many tourist destinations, so obviously Split is no exception. You might see so many tours, transportation, or accommodation at prices that seem too good to be true. Note: such offers are very likely scams. If you take the bait, you could end up losing your hard-earned money. So what should you do? First step - always but always do comprehensive research before you purchase anything. Check and compare the prices of tours, accommodation, and transportation in Split in advance. Dive deep into the companies' history, website, and all the details to confirm they're reliable. The next best thing you can do is to rely on reviews. Go through Tripadvisor and similar sites to find the top-notch offer in Split based on real customer feedback. And remember, if something seems too good to be true, unfortunately - it probably is.

Things to avoid in Split

2. Overpriced Restaurants

So many amazing restaurants in Split serve delicious traditional Croatian cuisine. However, some restaurants may overcharge tourists, so be aware of the price-quality ratio before you sit somewhere for a lunch. Don't spend a fortune on a dish that's not worth it. Remember, you're in Split and why would you pay for some poor meal when you can taste the best fish in the Meditteran? So our suggestion is to look for local places with reasonable prices and good reviews. The best options are restaurants and taverns popular among locals. This is the trick & hack to get only the best gastro offer for your money. Many locals would gladly share their pieces of advice with you. So, don't hesitate to ask some random guy on the street to give you a good recommendation. And sure thing - you can always check CityPal recommendations for the best offer in the region. Finally, check the menu before sitting down and see if prices are reasonable and fine for your expectations and budget. The good thing is that almost every restaurant (especially those on Riva) has a menu in front of the entrance, so you can see everything before you decide to order something.


3. Pickpockets

Pickpockets are a problem in many tourist destinations, and Split is no exception. Pickpockets tend to operate in crowded areas, such as markets, festivals, and busy streets. For instance, Ultra Europe, held in Split every year, draws large crowds and pickpockets may see this as an opportunity to steal from unsuspecting tourists. Keep all your important things close to you. And the most crucial note - don't take big amounts of cash with you.

4. Crowded Areas

It's no news that Split can get very crowded during peak tourist season, especially in the Old Town area. Although Old Town is a stunning spot to explore, it can be overwhelming due to its great demand and interest. To avoid crowds in Split, here's a little insider hack - visit the Old Town early in the morning or later in the evening. It's less busy during those times. You can also explore other parts of the city that are less crowded, such as Marjan Hill or the nearby beaches.

Marjan Credit: VipHolidayBooker

5. Crowded Beaches

Some beaches in Split, such as Bačvice, can get very crowded during peak tourist season. While Bačvice is a beautiful beach, it may not be the best choice for those seeking a more peaceful experience. To avoid crowded beaches, consider visiting some of the more secluded spots in Split, such as Bene Beach. These beaches are still popular, but offer beautiful scenery and are less crowded than some other beachy spots.

Bene beach
Bene beach Credit: Planet of Hotels

6. Split's Football Frenzy

If you are a tourist visiting Split, avoid the Poljud Stadium during important football matches featuring the city's team, Hajduk, or the Croatian National Team. The area around the stadium becomes extremely congested with football fans and traffic, making it difficult to move around. The atmosphere in the whole town is electrifying during these matches, but Poljud is the epicenter of the excitement. With so many people flocking to the area, it can be overwhelming for tourists and locals alike. Therefore, it is best to plan your visit to Split around the match schedule to avoid being caught in the chaos around Poljud Stadium.

Stadium Poljud, Split
Stadium Poljud, Split Credit: HNK Hajduk Split

7. Driving & Parking

Have you ever driven in Split during the summer season? If yes, then you know that it can be really, but really challenging. Streets are stone and beautiful, but almost all are pretty narrow. Another potential problem? Parking. So, if you planned to rent a car, think again and be aware of the challenges you may face. To avoid driving in Split, consider using public transportation. Split is well organized and has a great bus system. You can also rely on the taxi service. It’s super easy to find and book taxi here.

However, if you still opt for a rent-a-car, make sure you are comfortable driving in busy areas and check the parking situation in advance.

8. Brda (City's neighbourhood)

To ensure a safe and enjoyable walking experience in Split, it's advisable to avoid certain neighborhoods such as Brda. This part of the city is not so pedestrian-friendly. Some people consider it even dangerous (particularly at night). While it may have its own appeal during the day, it's best to exercise caution if you plan to visit after dark. Instead, consider exploring other neighborhoods that offer a more pleasant and secure walking environment. If you ask us, the best place to spend evenings in Split is undoubtedly stunning Riva.

Summing it all up, Split is simply amazing and worth visiting. But, be aware of these (potential) issues and things you should avoid in Split, so you can have a safe and enjoyable time in this charming Dalmatian pearl. 

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