The only fun and water park in Croatia.



Welcome to the amusement park Dalmaland , where there is fun for all ages awaiting at every turn!

Set on 45,000 m2, right in the centre of the Adriatic and next to Biograd na Moru; the park has drawn many visitors from far and wide to try its attractions – introducing them to the world of fantasy, positive energy, adventure, adrenaline and top-notch entertainment.

Your own adventure

Hop on a roller coaster. Take a turn on our Ferris Wheel, spinning coaster, or Tornado. Dare to slide on the Atlantis. Start a fun family adventure in the Pirate Bay or Mine Train Coaster. Travel back in time to the Jurassic era in Dino World. Drop by the Games Hall to discover over 90 arcade games. Go down one of our many slides. Take a deep dive into the Blue Cave. Try your hand at waves.

Dalmaland’s aqua park is something completely new in the entire area of ​​Dalmatia.

Their adrenaline-filled slides are inspired by Dalmatian landmarks and symbols that are associated with the playfulness and uniqueness of this Croatian region, the home of Dalmaland.

You’ll experience a range of emotions, from the excitement brought by Bura Blast or Viper's Fury to the calmness of being in the hydromassage pool, will complete your days. All you have to do is to step into the Dalmaland fairy tale, and make it your reality.

Your options are endless – there’s a little something here for everyone.

At the Main Square - which is the link between the theme and the aqua park - you can grab food and drinks or even buy a unique gift at a Treasure Chest  Shop. 



Dalmaland offers you both - an aquapark filled with adrenaline and fun, but also an aquapark for a quality family time. Moreover you get both sides of the fun park too!

Aquapark - adrenaline & fun 

Bura Blast -  an exhilarating slide featuring two competitive lanes

Dalmatian Delight - aqua attraction inspired by deep diving into the sea or a pool

Double Joy Slide - racing slide 

Electric Loop Rocket - you'll be launched and reach a maximum speed of 12.56 m/s in a free fall, while passing through spiral-shaped curves

Mediterranean Madness - the free fall 

Thunder Thrill -  It starts with a gentle descent, and after that you enter a large funnel. There you start spinning, where the mighty force launches you all the way to the end of the attraction.

Viper´s Fury - inspired by the legendary viper, gliding down, curling up, rolling down the hill

Aquapark - family 

Biograd Royal Rush - a red and white water slide

Breeze Bay - pool featuring artificial waves and sunbathing area

Candyland - colourful pools with  loads of different slides, climbing frames, bridges and towers

Funky Dive Pool - a diving pool with boards set on different heights – from 0.5 m, 1 m and 1.5 m

Funny Family Slide - a partially enclosed slide with various special effects / It's best when riding in pairs.

No Prisha - a pool for pure enjoyment with many hydromassage chairs or deckchair

Splash Arena - a real water arena, where you can get refreshed before going swimming or going down the slides

Fun Park - adrenaline & fun 

Tornado - a roller coaster

Alien -  a big red roller coaster, racing along the tracks of their galaxy

Atlantis - sliding down the waterfall 

Big Blue - it quickly races on the smooth tracks, turning you upside down and around

Horror House - show starring “live” actors and ghosts lurking in dark corners 

Pirate Ship - a wild ride on the pirate ship 

Fun Park - family 

Dino World - a  race through the animal kingdom of Dino World

Bumper Boats - an epic pirate battle

Bumper Cars -  bumper car racing tracks

Carousel - iconic amusement ride

Choco Cups - the happiest and the most colourful ride, designed for the youngest visitors 

Eureka - use your muscle strength to get as high up as you dare

Twister Cars - flying cars equipped with laser guns

Indian Canoe - a small pirate ship designed especially for the youngest visitors

Western Express - an express train that goes around the rough terrain and rushes through the tunnel excavated by hardworking miners

Mine Train Coaster -  a smaller version of a real rollercoaster

Pirate Bay - a watter battle 

Adria Eye -  ferris wheel

Zero Gravity Zone - a paradise for kids where they can jump around and create their own fun

XD Dark Ride - 7D virtual reality 

Venture River - kids can ently row their boat on the narrow river

Games Hall - a fully-equipped games hall

Saloon - made for both children and adults


Price List

You can check their price list here


Dalmaland offers you a various bars where you can relax and enjoy your refreshement, but also a fast food place on the Main Square - here you can enjoy delicious snacks, pizzettas, donuts, or great cup of coffee.

Additional services 

This includes: sunbeds and a parasol (17EUR), lockers (5EUR), first aid, cash desks, ATM, parking, WiFi, transfer, vest for children (3EUR). 


You can celebrate your birthday or your kids´ birthdays here. 

They can also provide you with one or more animators who will go on a ride with the little ones while you enjoy swimming or drinking a drink.

Contact them for more infos!


This is also a great group trip or a cool place for your teambuilding. Options at Dalmaland are endless. 

Don´t miss it!


Working Hours :

  • Monday 14:00-20:00
  • Tuesday 14:00-20:00
  • Wednesday 14:00-20:00
  • Thursday 14:00-20:00
  • Friday 14:00-20:00
  • Saturday 14:00-20:00
  • Sunday 14:00-20:00

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