Meridiana Slavonica - A nature oasis and a weekend getaway 2 hours away from Zagreb

Meridiana Slavonica - A nature oasis and a weekend getaway 2 hours away from Zagreb

A unique weekend get-away destination or a day trip just 2 hours away from Zagreb - Slavonia.

Meridiana Slavonica - A Day Trip 2 hours away from Zagreb 

Meridiana Slavonica (Slavonia) is a destination that encompasses the municipalities of Brodski Stupnik, Oriovac and Nova Kapela. It is a unique continental tourism destination that spans an area of 284.97 km2 or 14% of the total area of Brod-Posavina County. You can enjoy a plethora of natural and cultural amenities in the region of Meridiana Slavonica, such as vineyards, forests, walkways, fishponds, rivers and even medieval landmarks!

What can you do? Outdoor activities 

This area offers a large variety of outdoor activities that are also a great idea for a team building! 

If you´re traveling with your family or friends, get the crew together and explore the nature while having loads of fun!


There are several bike trails through Meridiana Slavonica:

Orljava trail – 33,5 km
Sava embankment and the Slavonian Plain – cca. 7,5 km
Four Chapels – 6 km
Nova Kapela Circle Route – cca.26 km
Stara Kapela Eco-Folk Village – 8 km.
The total length of the bike trails through Meridiana Slavonica is 81 km. The more challenging routes, some of which are located in the hilly area, can be quite a test for cycling enthusiasts.

Hunting & Fishing

Hunting and fishing is a perfect option for anyone who likes their holiday packed with activities!

This is an incredible terrain with a wide range of wild game. Professionals who feel right at home and will walk you through all the particulars of hunting and accommodation at the Radinje Hunting Lodge and will have you raving about this holiday for days.

Should you opt for fishing, then you’re in the right place since you can do that at the fishpond, the lake in Oriovac and Lake Žavnjača in Nova Kapela.

Price list:
Gačić fishpond (Oriovac) – HRK 30.00 per day
Čaplja (Oriovac), Žavnjača (Nova Kapela):
-1 day = HRK 100.00
-3 days = HRK 250.00
-7 days = HRK 370.00

Horseback riding

A one-of-a-kind experience involving horses – intelligent animals that are the perfect match for people and their temperament. If you would like to ride a horse, this service is available at the Stupnički Dvori hotel.

The carriages are always ready and the horses are harnessed, waiting just for you. Waiting to take you on a ride, so that you can experience all the benefits of life in Slavonia as the wind blows through your hair and you take in the views and sights of the Slavonian countryside and the warmth of the hosts. The carriage ride is an additional amenity at the Kereković Tourist Family Farm.

The wine hotel, wineries and wine farms booster the reputation of this area as Meridiana Slavonica’s best ambassadors. Aren’t you tempted to visit and treat yourself to a glass or two of their fine wines?


The Frikovi Paintball and Airsoft Club was founded in 2015 in Nova Kapela by a group of enthusiasts who wanted to play and promote paintball. Initially, the club had to obtain the equipment and set up a course, which they were able to do that same year thanks to the hard work and determination of the members and supporters. The club has been a success ever since. It boasts a steady number of around 50 active members and a growing fanbase. The members host tournaments, social events, games and attend events organised by other associations, paintball-related and otherwise. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, there was an increasing demand for airsoft and the club expanded in 2021. The members obtained the equipment and the club branched out in that direction as well. The paintball and airsoft club currently uses the course in Batrina where you can play and try out paintball and airsoft.


If you want to fill your holiday with activities, hiking across Meridiana Slavonica is the perfect option – professionals and experts who are familiar with the hill region will happily guide you through the hills. Along the way, they will introduce you to all the highlights of this destination and after hiking, you can try savour dishes made from locally sourced produce and wines delivered directly from the vineyards, orchards and fields of Slavonia.

The Sava River

Brod-Posavina County and Meridiana Slavonica bear the symbolic monikers of the Guardians of Nature, Guardians of Heritage and Guardians of Flavours. They are derived from the main characteristics of this region and the location of the county along the Sava River, which is a natural border shared by Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, whence Slavonia and the rest of Croatia were guarded. The Sava is constantly developing as a tourist destination, with the Sava Beach party taking place in Slavonski Kobaš in the summer. Or why not go for a swim in Pričac, if you’re in the mood for that kind of holiday.

Discover the beauty of Slavonia 

OPG Prpić

The distillery within OPG Prpić is located at Kralja Tomislava 30, Nova Kapela. It is a family business that produces homemade plum brandy, and it is made in the traditional way. During the season of plum picking and brandy roasting, you can see how brandy is made in the traditional way.

Stara Kapela - Eco Folk Village 

Stara Kapela is a village tucked between the hillsides of Požeška Gora. There is no mobile phone signal here due to its unique location. It is perfect for taking a break from the daily hustle and bustle.

Lushly verdant and unspoiled, Stara Kapela provides a much-needed respite in a place where it doesn’t matter who or what you are. The highly amiable hosts are always glad to entertain you sumptuously by offering the very best accommodation, food and beverages, all of which are locally authentic.

The site is a magnet for TV producers as a shooting location and it is often featured in music videos and reality shows that air on TV.

Pavletić Theme Park

Arteco is an association that makes a variety of sculptures from a range of natural materials, mostly grape vines. Their work is showcased at the theme park in Malino, a part of the Pavletić family farm, where you will also find a picnic site and a commercial gallery. The uniquely crafted sculptures are drawing droves of visitors. If this piques your interest, make sure to visit their website.


This destination abounds in greenery, which is one of the main tourist draws, especially when it comes to vineyards. The breathtaking vineyards, which extend as far as the eye can see and never cease to amaze with their authenticity, are reminiscent of the wine regions in France, Italy etc. The premium wines produced in these vineyards owe their exquisiteness to the beneficial terroir.

 Aren’t you tempted to visit and treat yourself to a glass or two of their fine wines?

Villa Galerija

Villa Galerija is unlike any other building of its kind in this part of Europe. It was built in the Art Nouveau style, ostensibly in the late 19th century, since no records of its construction exist. After being abandoned and dilapidated for years, it has been restored to its former glory after a recent renovation. The owners of the family farm that renovated the villa grow medicinal plants and herbs there for the specific purpose of making herbal drops, teas and a multitude of creams. They also plan to open a herbal pharmacy, a restaurant and a shrine.

Turkish Foundation

This is a protected cultural monument and one of only a handful of preserved monuments from the period of Ottoman rule in Slavonia. The Turkish fountain is located in a gorgeous park in the centre of Oriovac, which is adorned with play equipment and a canopy of two dozen linden and other trees.

Religious Facilities 

An array of religious facilities dating from medieval times onwards is a part of that legacy. The local residents make great efforts to foster their heritage, as evidenced by the numerous preserved religious facilities, some of which are in excellent condition. If you prefer religious tourism, you can’t go wrong with this region where many religious celebrations take place throughout the year. The most notable are:

February/March/April Stations of the Cross, Stari Slatinik – devotion of the Stations of the Cross before Easter
February/March/April Stations of the Cross, Stara Kapela – devotion of the Stations of the Cross before Easter
July Celebration of laying down the Footsteps of St. Martin – marking the anniversary of laying down the Footsteps of St. Martin, which placed the village of Lovčić on the Council of Europe European Cultural Itinerary entitled St. Martin, European, symbol of sharing and shared value
14 August Shrine of Our Lady of Kloštar, Slavonski Kobaš – celebration on the eve of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
7 September Gospino Polje, Bili Brig – celebration on the eve of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Gold Embroidery

The art of gold embroidery has a long history as Slavonian folk costumes and numerous other objects were bedecked with gold embroidery motifs. This custom has survived to this day and authentic souvenirs adorned with gold embroidery will make a perfect keepsake or present for your loved ones, business partners, etc. After all, buying an original local souvenir is a must when visiting any destination.

Stations of  the Cross

Some of the most fascinating features of the Meridiana Slavonica region are the Stations of the Cross in Stari Slatinik. These emerged in the middle of the Obrijež forest on the initiative of the local populace. Today it is a valuable and interesting religious attraction in which investments are constantly made in order to increase visitor appeal. A sign has recently been put up with various verses encouraging the preservation of forests.

Eat & Drink - Wine Tour 

Here you can taste wines that have received awards from local, national and even global wine experts. Grapes thrive in this climate because it grows on sun- and rain-soaked hills. The climate is well-suited for wine growing, which is something that had been recognised by local winemakers who have confidently and skilfully ventured into wine production. 

Here you can see all the contact details from the locals who offer wine tours. 

GASTRO OFFER - What can you eat? Local & Authentic

Local restaurants are places where you can try various authentic dishes from the cuisine of the region.

Stupnički dvori

Located in a vineyard oasis, surrounded by verdancy and offering stunning vistas, is the Stupnički Dvori hotel restaurant. The ingredients used to prepare the meals here are not only top-notch, but also locally sourced. The hotel strives for self-sustainability, which is why most of the food on your plate is grown in the hotel garden. You will gladly try the dishes, which are prepared with meticulous care and attention to detail, and are bound to ask for more.

Ribarska kuća

If you’re craving delectable local fish, then the Ribarska Kuća restaurant is the perfect place for you. You can enjoy a variety of fish, such as carp, catfish, sander or trout, which are prepared carefully and lovingly by the cooks in a myriad ways, as well as the renowned fisherman’s soup! If you prefer classic and more familiar dishes, Ribarska Kuća has got you covered. We invite you to experience their reputed quality for yourself.

Restoran Bonsai
If you’re on the fence about what to eat and where to go, Bonsai is just the place for you. A blend of tradition and modernity in one place, coupled with years of experience in preparing the best dishes and loving what they do, has yielded outstanding results. We guarantee that you won’t regret visiting Bonsai and that you will leave with a full belly, satisfied and eager to return as soon as possible.

As the name suggests, Bonaca (meaning: calm sea) offers peace and quiet while you relish the mouth-watering slices of pizza that have just been taken out of the wood-fired oven. The cosy atmosphere will add some flavour to your meal and in addition to pizza, you can also enjoy other carefully prepared dishes. The courteous hosts will show you why this restaurant is the perfect place for refreshment that invites a hasty return.

Rustik is a place where you can sample traditional delicacies combined with modern elements. Here you can enjoy the wonderful rustic ambience that paints a vivid picture of the food prepared. The menu offers wok dishes, tortillas and hefty meat and fish platters.

Food bar Kum
Kum bar meets all the expectations of fast food lovers. The amazing recipes of fast food connoisseurs won’t disappoint you. We invite you to find out for yourself how gastro know-how and experience are transformed into morsels that leave a memorable aftertaste.

Where to sleep?

Local and authentic or modern in the peaceful surroundings - Slavonia has it all. 

Stara Kapela
A village that never ceases to amaze! We invite you to stay at one of the following accommodation facilities:
Tunjina kuća
Tucina kuća
Stričev grunt
Pavina kuća.

Whichever facility you choose, you won’t regret it. The amicable hosts will welcome you and make you feel as though you’ve known each other your whole lives. The rustic accommodation is becoming more popular today because it perfectly exemplifies the beauty of the Slavonian countryside. The soothing greenery, along with the absence of a mobile phone signal, will provide much-needed tranquillity in the hectic and stressful environment of today. Abandon your day-to-day routine and visit Stara Kapela.

ADDRESS: Stara Kapela, Stara Kapela
PHONE: +385 98 467 878

Stupnički Dvori

You will encounter a colourful, verdant, authentic and rustic oasis as you make your way to the Stupnički Dvori hotel. Jaw-dropping scenery that you will want to wake up to every morning is waiting for you when you visit Dvori and surrender to the charms of the region in which the hotel is situated. The tour of the hotel isn’t complete without a glass of wine of your choice, after which you should unwind some more at the hotel’s spa centre.

ADDRESS: Vinogradska cesta 65, Brodski Stupnik
PHONE: +385 91 440 0561


Kuća za odmor Margetić

Franjo Margetić, the host at the Margetić holiday home in Živike, which he runs by himself, is living proof that hard work pays off. You will be overwhelmed by the amount of attention this host gives to his little slice of heaven. If you choose to stay at the Margetić holiday home, you will immediately feel as though you’ve lived here your entire life because of the host’s individualised approach and the wonderful atmosphere that cannot be expressed in words. Wholly recommended!

ADDRESS: Živike 8b, Živike
PHONE: +385 95 726 4170

Seoski turizam Kereković
This small Slavonian kingdom is situated in the village of Živike. A recipient of a slew of awards for his work, a person who endeavours to provide and show his visitors the best that the Slavonian countryside has to offer and an advocate for all things local will always greet you like a close friend and give you a ride in his Slavonian carriage or boat if you wish. The Slavonian accommodation is the cherry on top of a day bursting with activities at the Kereković tourist family farm.

ADDRESS: Živike 22, Živike
PHONE: +385 99 764 0387

Croatia cottage
If you’re looking for peace and tranquillity, Croatia Cottage in Nova Kapela is the perfect place for you. Relax in the company of wonderful and approachable hosts who will allow you to recharge, prepare yourself and rest before tackling life’s challenges.

ADDRESS: Vladimira Nazora 79h, Nova Kapela
PHONE: +385 91619 5111


Lovački dom Radinje
Hunting enthusiasts can visit the Radinje facility at the eponymous hunting ground, which is located in Siče. The hunting services guarantee an adrenaline-packed holiday, enhanced with accommodation in Radinje that is tailored-made for hunting tourism. We invite you to try it out!

ADDRESS: Radinje, Siče
PHONE: +385 99 803 7029

Jana house
Nature and man become one in harmony at the Jana holiday house in Oriovac. The awe-inspiring view, which extends from your hillside accommodation or the pool while swimming and sipping homemade aronia liqueur, will delight your senses. We recommend that you embark on your Slavonian adventure by including the Jana Holiday House.

ADDRESS: Augusta Cesarca 43, Oriovac
PHONE: +385 98 983 9863

Villa Melani
The motto of Villa Melani is – details make a difference. This accommodation facility embodies the perfect fusion of the rustic and modernity, complemented with details that perfectly blend in with its interior and exterior. The villa is located on the Oriovac hill and gives you everything you need for a first-rate holiday.

ADDRESS: Vinogradska cesta 56, Oriovac
PHONE: +385 91 907 0960

Ribarska kuća
If you’re looking for a combination of the perfect gastro offering and accommodation where you can rest after a hearty and extraordinarily delicious meal, then Ribarska Kuća is the perfect place for you. Sit back and try the fish specialities and the wine that pairs perfectly, after which you can get comfortable upstairs.

ADDRESS: Petra Zrinskog bb, Brodski Stupnik
PHONE: +385 95 382 0681

Sobe Beketić
The Beketić rooms, which provide the perfect accommodation for holidays and recharging after a day of activities, are located in the very heart of this area. They will lure you in with the scent of lunch/dinner, which you can have downstairs. Doesn’t that sound tempting? A tasty Slavonian meal following an activity-packed wine tour, after which you can fall asleep with a full stomach and an empty mind.

ADDRESS: Orljavska 37, Lužani
PHONE: +385 98 977 5114


The events in Meridiana Slavonica are of great importance. Their goal is to enhance the tourism offering, which is plentiful and includes everything from a guaranteed good time to an abundant gastro offering. Check the calendar of events taking place throughout the year here.

Slavonia Is Waiting For You

This lively region warmly welcomes you to embrace its rich cultural celebrations and savor the delectable gastronomic delights. With many options and many whole heartedly recommendations - we are sure you will definitely find something for yourself!

Pack your bags and off to enjoy the nature. 

P.S. For an extra dose of excitement and all the insider scoop, don't hesitate to reach out to the Slavonia Tourist Board. Enjoy!

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