5 things to avoid in Rijeka

5 things to avoid in Rijeka

Discover 5 things to avoid in Rijeka to make the most out of your trip without unwanted surprises. Enjoy your safe trip to this stunning city!

Are you ready to bask in the glorious sunshine, get swept away by cultural landmarks that will leave you in awe, and dance the night away at Rijeka's hottest parties? This vibrant city has it all! But hold up, before you hit the road, it’s time to focus on the not-so-fun part. Every amazing destination comes with its own set of potential hazards, and Rijeka is no exception. However, fear not - it's nothing really serious or dangerous; just something you have to keep in your mind. In this article, we'll discover 5 things to avoid in Rijeka (or at least be aware of) to skip unwanted surprises. Let's dive in!

Avoid certain neighborhoods at night

As a general rule, this Croatian gem is a safe and welcoming destination for tourists. But if you're out exploring after dark, it's a good idea to avoid certain neighborhoods like Kantrida and Kozala. These areas have a reputation for rowdy behavior and petty crime (but the percentage of it is still pretty low compared to some other world destinations). Although locals reported these parts as more dangerous than others, they're still quite safe.

Rijeka Credit: Unsplash

Watch out for scams and pickpockets

Be super careful when dealing with street vendors who aren't affiliated with any reputable company. If they aren’t able to show you any proof of legitimacy, steer clear of their offers. To make sure you're only dealing with legitimate tour operators and trustworthy stores or markets, do your research ahead of time. This will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises and keep your trip hassle-free. While enjoying city streets you might also meet people with deals that sound too good to be true. And if they sound so attractive, they're (in most cases) some red flags. Don't fall for false promises before you check the credibility of the company/person who offers something. Also, keep an eye on your stuff, especially in crowded areas. Only in this way, you can prevent pickpockets from their nasty plan. And in case you become a victim of a scam or theft, simply report it to the authorities right away.

Things to avoid in Rijeka

Be aware of traffic

Another thing belonging to the list of things to avoid in Rijeka is definitely traffic chaos. Be prepared for some fast-paced traffic action! The streets can get pretty hectic during peak hours and the summer season. For those planning to drive in Rijeka, patience is key! Remain calm and composed while navigating the roads. And if you don't plan to rent a car or drive, you can enjoy the benefits of the great transportation options in Rijeka, like a bus or taxi.

Things to avoid in Rijeka

Beaches to avoid due to poor water quality

While the majority of the beaches in Rijeka boast amazing views and crystal clear sea, there are still a few spots that have not-so-healthy waters. Grčevo, Kantrida – 3. maj, Kantrida – west, and Kantrida – east have received poor ratings, according to a report by the City of Rijeka's Department of Health and Social Welfare. Water quality is monitored ten times during the season, but Kantrida – east has received an unsatisfactory rating for the fourth season in a row, according to Croatian standards. Choose beaches with good ratings such as Glavanovo, Bivio, or Preluk for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Glavanovo beach
Glavanovo beach Credit: Visit Rijeka

Crowds during the Carnival

If you're planning a trip to Rijeka during the Carnival season, get ready for a vibrant celebration that draws people from everywhere. So besides the fantastic masks that you'll see and the phenomenal time you'll spend, keep in mind the one word - 'crowd'. There's no doubt - Rijeka Carnival is a must-see event that promises unforgettable experiences, but brace yourself for the massive crowds. With so many people in one place, you might find this celebration too overwhelming. So, if this kind of manifestation is not your cup of tea, rather skip Rijeka in that period. Ultimately, if you want to go, it's only important to take some precautions. For instance, keep your valuable items secure. Also, stick to the organizers' rules for a smooth experience. That’s how you’ll be able to enjoy this incredible event and create some amazing memories that you'll cherish forever!

Rijeka Carnival
Rijeka Carnival Credit: Rove.me Besides these 5 things to avoid in Rijeka, there are countless things you simply need to experience. And if you need more recommendations on what to do, what to visit, or where to eat, check out our local tips

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