Brijuni National Park

Visit Croatia and enjoy a truly unique experience: Brijuni National Park: unspoiled nature, sea, sun and great activities.

What to expect

Untouched nature, archeological sites, quarries, exhibitions, excursions, safari park and more.

Brijuni National Park
Brijuni National Park
Brijuni National Park
Brijuni National Park
Brijuni National Park

Brijuni National Park

Brijuni National Park offers you a really unique experience.

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The Brijuni Islands

Along the coast of western Istria, there are several groups of islands among which the most interesting, the largest and the most indented is the Brijuni group of 14 islands and islets. To visit, take a short ride by boat from Fažana (Pula) to Brijuni Islands.

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The islands are:

  • Veliki Brijun
  • Mali Brijun
  • Sv. Marko
  • Gaz
  • Okrugljak
  • Supin
  • Supinić
  • Galija
  • Grunj
  • Vanga (Krasnica)
  • Pusti otok (Madona)
  • Vrsar
  • Sv. Jerolim
  • Kozada

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Veliki Brijun

Veliki Brijun is the largest, most beautiful and most visited Brijuni island.It is partly cultivated into a harmonious landscape of lawns and landscape parks, and besides exceptionally valuable remains of architectural heritage, it contains preserved vegetation types typical for the western Istrian climate.Although open to the public, a part of the island is managed by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia.

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Source: Stay in one of the popular hotels of Veliki Brijun, and if you are only passing by, do not miss the delicious Mediterranean cuisine in one of the top restaurants.,


Mali Brijun

Mali Brijun is the second-largest island of the Brijuni Islands.It is known for its Fort Minor, which is the largest fortification on the Adriatic coast, as well as for the Ulysses Theater. The time to enjoy Mali Brijun is limited to a short period when it becomes the theatrical scene of Ulysses, otherwise, the island is closed for public visits.

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The mystical island Vangalooks like an open shell. The island of Vanga also represents government-owned properties where vacation is provided for high-level political officials. Although there are plans to open the Vanga island to the public, it is still closed for visitors.

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Source: Another one of Tito's residences is located on the Vanga island, where it appears as though time had stopped and you can see the wine cellar, the Slovene room, and the Indonesian fisherman's salon, as well as a photographic laboratory and a workshop from his time.You can find grape vines, tangerines, and other types of fruit on the island.


Kozada is a small island of the Brijuni Islands open to the public as an excursion destination.

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Source: During Austro-Hungarian rule, this small island was a hydroplane station and a pilot training center, while today it is uninhabited and full of lush vegetation. You can visit the island as a part of an all-day stay and swimming program. Shallow draft boats can dock on the island without prior notice and payment of fees.

Saint Jerolim Island

Popular diving site - Saint Jerolim island -is open to visitors and it is possible to dock there with your private boat or as part of organized tours from Fažana or Pula.The island was named after a church and a monastery that once dominated the island and was destroyed by the exploitation of stone.

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Source: You can find more info about other islands here.

Excursions, sports & food

You can explore the largest island of the National park with already prepared excursions. You can take a sightseeing tour in a tourist train and go round the island, archeological tour (explorethe rich past of the islands through various cultural and historical periods) or boathouse tour.

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Source: If you are an active person,Brijuni NP are unique in offering sports and recreational activities to their visitors. From golf and tennis to diving and cycling - everyone can find something to their taste.

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Source: There's no good holiday without good food so don't miss to taste delicious specialties in Brijuni. Restaurants and food are just breathtaking.In addition to the usual tourist visits, you can organize a wedding, a business event or a congress.

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Explore Brijuni

NP Brijuni offer great natural heritage: diverse flora and fauna, submarine worlds, dinosaur remains. It is very rich both in the number of individuals and in different species.The diversity of the ecosystem contributes to this diversity - forests, maquis shrublands, grasslands and fresh waters are the focal points of biodiversity.

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Source: There are sights worth visiting and we are sure you will fall in love with Brijuni Islands. Don't miss Safari park, The olive tree, The Byzantine castrum, Dinosaur footprints, Verige Bay, St. Mary's basilica and The Mediterranean garden.

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Source: If you are a true lover of nature and a healthy lifestyle, we recommend taking the trails since they present the gorgeous Brijuni in the best way: Zelenikovac, underwater trail, path of good vibrations, Belvedere trail and bicycle trail.

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Source: Also,there are many sights and peculiarities such as Tito's Cadillac, Koki the cockatoo, The Boathouse, and spring water.

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NP Brijuni are truly unique, unforgettable and breathtaking experience. Enjoy!


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