Best Pula View

Best Pula View

Spending vacation in Pula? Wondering about a spot from which you can see all Pula city center? Best Pula view on it's center and bay is from Fort Kaštel.

Fort Kaštel –your first choice for amazing view on Pula city center and its bay

Best Pula view is spreading from Fort Kaštel Pula – meet one of the best view spots in Pula!

Are you spending your vacation in Pula? Maybe you are wondering about a spot from which you can see all Pula city center? If you are starving for beautiful panorama or breathtaking view that can be useful for amazing photos or selfies, or just a place that will help you clear your mind and feed your soul – go and climb on the Fort Kaštel Pula. Best Pula view – including city center, Pula bay and it’s surroundings dates from ancient Venice Republic – Fort Kaštel!

Best Pula view
Fort Kaštel – view from the sky that perfectly shows it’s a star shape

Why is Fort Kaštel so popular today, and how it became the best spot for Pula defense?

The best thing about the hill where Fort Kaštel was built on – is very good for transparency on Pula bay. A long time ago, enemies were attacking Pula from the sea and from the land. Thatlocation has always had a dominant defense role – ever since the Histri (the eponymous of Istria) settled on the top of the hill and raised its first defensive wall around it. The Pula hill was recognized from first Istrianinhabitants – Histri,and other residents of Istria, who were – following their example, continued to upgrade this fort.

Best Pula Wiev
The Castle was built between 1630 and 1633, based on a design from French military engineer Antonio De Villa, therefore it belongs to the French style. It was always an important defensive point for Venetian control of the Adriatic.

Best Pula view
View on Amphitheater – Pula Arena from Fort Kaštel Luckily, today are no more wars in Pula like it used to be and after the end of World War I, the castle has lost its significance – but Fort Kaštel has other purpose today! It is a very popular spot that provides the best Pula view.

Best Pula View
If you get to the edge of Fort Kaštel fence you will see all Pula bay and part of the old Pula city! Today, on Fort Kaštel is Historical Museum of Istria – which has a collection of more than 75000 objects of cultural, historical, political, military and ethnographic character, in over 15 collections! Fort Kaštel is hosting manifestations, festivals, gatherings, concerts, theater plays, shows and movie projections, especially during the summer.

Best Pula View
Fort Kaštel in the night…

Other facts about Fort Kaštel that can be useful for you!

How can you get there?

  • If you found Pula difficult for the tour, we can help you. If you want to reach Kaštel bycar–which is not advisable, but still possible, drive from street ofCastropolato the streetGradinski uspon, and you have to drive straight to the top of the hill – just follow the road! Parking is free in front of Fort Kaštel, but if there’s some eventin the process –it can be crowded! Have a note that those streets that lead you to Fort Kaštel are tiny andnon-transparent! Erstwhile – their roads wereadapted forcarriage.
  • If you prefer towalk– have a note that Fort Kaštel stands on the top of the hill that is above the Pula old town. Prepare yourself for the mild climb. Don’t go there in the middle of the hot summer day. It is better to wait for sunset, or to choose early morning hours – especially with some health issues. But, it is easy to reach Kaštel by foot – you can reach it from Korzo, Prvomajska street or from Carrarina street (same route as that by a car).
  • What about children, older people or the disabled?It is possible to climb on Fort Kaštel with someone who is fragile than average, but you have to be more aware and careful – stick to thesafe parts of the fort and avoid climbing ontop of the tower. 

Fort Kaštel – Working hours for museums: April – September: 08:00 – 21:00 October – March: 09:00 - 17:00 Find Fort Kaštel easily by using google maps:

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