Opatija unknown

Opatija unknown

Interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Opatija - one of the oldest tourist destinations in the World.

Things you probably didn’t know about Opatija

- Opatija is birthplace of Croatian tourism and one of the oldest tourist destinations in the World.

Photo: visitteo.com
Photo: visitteo.com - Villa Angiolina built in 1844. (modern Museum of tourism) is first tourist building in Croatia.Built in 1844. by Rijeka merchant Ignio Scarpa, it marks the beginning of Opatija’s appeal as a getaway destination, and Croatia’s first andlongest-running tourism tradition. The Villa is now part of theCroatian Museum of Tourism.

Villa Angiolina Photo: Opatija rivijera tourist board
Villa Angiolina
Photo: Opatija rivijera tourist board - Opatija was officially named as health resort in 1889. - in Park Angiolina you can find more than 150 plants from all around the World.A great nature lover Scarpa also left a horticultural legacy, originating back to 1845 – 1860, with 60 ornamental fields and over 150 plant species decorating the grounds around Villa Angiolina. It features many exotic plants from all over the world, including the exotic Japanesecamellia(Camellia Japonica), which has since become a symbol of tourism for Opatija.

Photo: visitteo.com
Photo: visitteo.com - In Opatija you can find only Croatian Walk of fame.The Croatian Walk of Fame project in Opatija was launched in 2005. by the Apriori Communications agency as a symbolic tribute to all the people whose sporting, scientific, cultural or artistic endeavours have contributed significantly to the worldwide promotion of Croatia. - Name „Opatija“ simply means „The Abbey“. Town developed around abbey of St. Jacob in 15th century. - Name Volosko came from the name of ancient Slavic deity Veles (Volos) – god of water and underworld. - Hotel Kvarner was first hotel opened on eastern Adriatic (1884). Today is 4* hotel.

Photo: hrturizam.hr
Photo: hrturizam.hr - Volosko is birthplace of scientist Andrija Mohorovičić - Mohorovičić discontinuity or Moho - Opatija is often called „Vienna on the sea“ thanks to its history and architecture. 

Photo: visitteo.com
Photo: visitteo.com - There was recorded case of vampire in Opatija in 1881.

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