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The most interesting Zagreb sightseeing tour!

Sleeping dragons, witches and cemeteries under the streets are things that the average Zagreb citizen is not thinking about while walking the streets of the city. However, all this can be found in Zagreb when the dust and cobwebs are removed from the windows!

Basis for the Secret Zagreb are not classic tourist routes, but storytelling inspired by the folk narrators who have passed on legends and myths for generations. In this way, Secret Zagreb tours shows to the tourists and locals that attraction is not only in the magnificent buildings, spacious squares and parks or in the good food, but that it also smolders in mysticism and skillfully told stories because they are inspired by local history, legends, and fun personalities from the city’s past. Secret Zagreb Quests on the other side is a playfully exploration of the Zagreb that´s inspired by the actual historical events. It´s a set of fun outdoor activities and whether you’re a group of friends visiting Zagreb, or you’re in charge of organizing an event in Zagreb, these games are your perfect choice! The fun is guaranteed!

So, check out various walking tours:

Zagreb ghosts and dragons tour will take you off the beaten path to discover the dark side of the Old Town. Forgotten graveyards, curses and apparitions, witches, secret societies and even dragons… This evening walking tour full of eerie and mysterious stories will guide you through Zagreb after dark!

secret zagreb

Sleeping dragon and other legends tour will help you to discover ancient draconic folk lore, learn a couple of interesting facts about the strangest society around, and meet some sculpted snakes and dragons of Zagreb! This tour is only available as a PRIVATE TOUR!

Secret Zagreb tour will take you to the most important Zagreb attractions with a twist, interesting stories from the city’s past, a chance to see what’s hiding behind some closed doors and to step off the beaten tourist paths for a moment! This tour is only available as a PRIVATE TOUR!

Secret Zagreb with kids tour is similar to Secret Zagreb tour, but specially customized for your family travel. They’re experienced with kids of all ages, and their tour guides are experienced in animation for kids. This tour is only available as a PRIVATE TOUR!

Zagrebarium tour is a quest for futuristic past, eccentric personalities, centennial brands and forgotten visions. It’s a two hours walking tour – an imaginative alternative to classical sightseeing tour.

secret zagreb

Into the forest tour is a half-day tour from the city center to the mysterious legends from mount Medvednica. This tour is designed as a PRIVATE TOUR!

The Real City tour will show you the true face of Zagreb, some great streetart, some bridges, the biggest residential building in this part of Europe…

And the various quests:

Witch Hunt Quest will teach you about notorious 18th century witch hunt sin a funny way!

Mountain Photo Quest – Reach your level of activity and progress, and along your way, participate in a fun photo challenge!

Sleeping Dragon Quest is inspired by interesting local legends. You´ll have a instruction book with tasks. The winner is the first team that can solve all the riddles and finds the last required location.

secret zagreb

If you want to organize a team-building activity or a side activity for an international project feel free to contact Secret Zagreb team and they will try to offer you a perfect solution for a memorable Zagreb experience!

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