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Ilica 50, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

What to expect?

A unique museum walking tour in Zagreb

Illusions of Torture walking tour

Museum walking tour in Zagreb!

Illusions of Torture walking tour is a unique museum walking tour in which you will get the opportunity to explore the city of Zagreb and visit two unusual museums in the very city centre! At the end you will enjoy the view from Zagreb 360° observation deck which will probably take your breath away!

Find out what secrets lay beneath the streets of Zagreb, why does the cannon in Lotršćak Tower shoot every day exactly at noon and how superstitious were the locals through the history! Take a walk through the Dolac Market – Zagreb’s most significant marketplace and visit the picturesque little streets in the Zagreb’s Upper Town.



Museum of Illusions

The Museum of illusions offers an intriguing, visual, sensual and educational experience in a fun adventure for all generations. Attractive and entertaining illusions will teach you about vision, perception, the human brain and science so you will be able to understand why your eyes see things that the brain does not understand.


Museum of Torture

In this Museum you will be able to see, touch and try exhibits that were used to humiliate, torture, injure or execute the victim, such as the full-scale replica of the 1792 guillotine with the 1889 Berger mechanism or the iron maiden, which is considered as the most brutal medieval instrument of torture.



10.00am Meeting point at Swanky Mint hostel (Ilica street 50)
10.15am Main square
10.30am Cathedral & Dolac market
11.00am Museum of torture
11.45am Upper town
12.00pm Lotrščak tower
12.30pm Museum of Illusions


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