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Street Branka Čavlovića Čavleka 1a, 47000 Karlovac

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More than one hundred fresh water fish species, of which 40 are endemic

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 Aquatika Aquarium

 Explore the Croatian underwater world with the contemporary Aquatica Aquarium

 Did you know that Croatia is one of the European countries with the richest ichthyofauna and flora? Come and see the natural richness of our fresh waters –  Aquatica Aquarium provides the impression of an underwater world to all senses. The enchantment of the underwater world is demonstrated by Aquatika Aquarium Karolovac – dive into the magical world of the Croatian river!

Aquatica Aquarium

The only complete freshwater aquarium in Croatia is settled in Karlovac – a small town near Zagreb.

The richness of fresh Croatian water is summarized in the mosaic of the Aquaticum Aquarium. An interesting ambiance that reminds of a combination of cave and river bottom filled with light in all shades of blue. At the entrance to the aquarium, you will already feel like a part of the underwater world because the element of water is passed through space in a direct and transmitter manner – through light or shapes. The silence of the cave and the murmur of water are incorporated with fish. All that underwater ambiance will astound you as a creek art picture and it will capture your attention instantly! You will encounter the fishes you would be afraid to see live – but don’t worry – this is the safe way to meet more than one hundred freshwater fish species, of which 40 are endemic!

Aquatica Aquarium

Karlovac, the small town near Zagreb is drained with water – that town lies on a crossroad of four rivers, so you can feel the water in the air, in the land, and in the spirit of that specific small, enchanting town!  Aquaticum Aquarium will let you know the flora and fauna of Croatian rivers and lakes, geological history, traditional culture, and history of the basin of four Karlovac rivers – Kupa, Korana, Dobra, and Mrežnica. The concept of organization of the Karlovac city and its surroundings is designed according to the element of water – so you can have a perfect vacation, active or relaxing, all you can imagine that river banks provide. Aquaticum Aquarium will meet you with the life of the river – from source to its confluence!

Aquatica Aquarium   –  program offer and additional services – what else you can get here?

  • workshops for school groups – 30 participants – 10 kuna each (1 euro)
  • Speleoteka – scientific reading room and lecture of speleologists – you must announce this service 7 days in advance!
  • outdoor playground
  • free parking on the aquarium property
  • coffee bar
  • souvenir shop
  • free wifi

Method of payment – through bidding, with cash or credit card!

For reservation and information call 047/659-112, or send e-mail on

Make your reservation on time, the world of fresh water is waiting for you to discover it!

For more info, and what else to do in Karlovac you can read this article: Only 45 Minutes from Zagreb: A Day Trip to Karlovac


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