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Varšavska 16, 10000 Zagreb

What to expect?

European style wok food

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Eastern European cuisine cobined with Far East in Wok by Matija

Eastern Europe cuisine is vivid itself, but when you combine it with exotic Far East colors, you get Wok by Matija restaurant. On a hot spot, in a city rush and just next to famous Kerempuh Theater, you can taste wok in Zagreb in surprisingly calm and peaceful atmosphere. Thanks to cute and pleasant terrace, you can hide yourself from crowded Zagreb and have a healthy, colorful and happy lunch. Plus, you will not spend a fortune – just the opposite! Main course will cost you between 23  and 49 kunas (3 to 6,5 euros). A restaurant is located in Varšavska Street 16, in a small and a bit hidden passage between streets Ilica and Varšavska.

FYI, this is a first wok restaurant in Zagreb. Matija, the chef, creates meals following health principles, but his food also tastes and looks great. He is the author of all his meals, which are fusion of world gastrononmy and local, Croatian cuisine. Food is prepared in a wok and can be served with Chinese sticks, but these two things are actually the only connection with Chinese cuisine. Each guest creates his or her own wok meal. So don’t be in a hurry when you want to try wok in Zagreb but create your own wok: choose a base (rice or noodles), meat (pork, beef, duck, chicken, sea fruit) or veggie ingredients and then fill it with sauces and addings by your choice. Each wok is made fresh!

If you’re not in a mood for a wok at the moment, try “lamb šiš dog“ or burgers. “Lamb šiš dog“ is similar to hot dog – it’s made of lamb meat, with bunch of salad and spices. All the food is prepared from domestic ingredients taken from chef Matija’s own farm. Only some ingredients are being delivered from other local family farms. The important thing is that no glutamates are being added to meals and all the ingredients are fresh. Menu is seasonal and is changed according to ingredients available at the moment.

While enjoying in wok in Zagreb, you’ll notice that the interior is pretty authentic: created by guests, as a matter of fact. After a good meal, don’t go, but rest a bit. You may be a DJ if you want since the restaurant plays the music their guests like to hear. We reccomend you to taste a cheesecake with roasted pumpkin seeds or chocolate chilly cake for only 18 kunas (2,4 euros). Wok by Matija offers Paulaner beer, local brewery’s Medvedgrad beer and natural juices (nettle, mint, lime and elderflower with ginger). The good news is that they have a take-out plus another restaurant in a center: in Vlaška 68.

Business hours: 8 am to midnight, every day except Sunday.


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