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Ul. Nikole Tomašića 6A, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

What to expect?

Variety of vegan, vegetarians, fish and meat dishes. Cheep eat.

Veganšpek Bistro Zagreb

Best restaurant in Zagreb that is adapted for different dietary habits

Veganšpek Bistro Zagreb is first bistro that unites vegan, vegetarian and meat cuisine in Zagreb for very available price. Lovely name Veganšpek Bistro Zagreb literally means ”vegan  and ham” and it is a precise description of the offer. Veganšpek Bistro Zagreb is perfect place for people of varying dietary habits- specially if you come in large group of vegan, vegetarian and meat lovers. Menu is made for pleasing different guest’s requirements, even for those on special allergenic diets (gluten free ect.). Vegan menus mostly include seitan, brown rice, vegetable burgers, soups and healthy desserts. Fish dishes will delight fans of Mediterranean cuisine, and meat lover will enjoy in various types of Continental meals. All meals are prepared by experts for all types of cuisine that combines Veganšpek so nobody will be disappointed.

The daily offer of Veganšđek Bistro Zagreb consists of soups, vegan and meat plates and snacks. A la carte menu consists of two vegan, two fish and two meat dishes. Depending on the daily offer, guests can choose their own meals for themselves. The dessert offer consists mostly gluten free cakes, cakes with healthy sweeteners such as rice and barley malt and without eggs, and common desserts like chocolate moussees that work with eggs and butter.

Veganšpek Bistro Zagreb

Veganšpek Bistro Zagreb is you perfect choice if you are searching for place with wide offer adapted to various dietary habits. Especially,  if you are interested in cheep, and healthy, but tasty meal or sugar – free deserts!


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