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What to expect?

Umami - new taste of pleasure and unity with the food we eat!

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Asian fusion cuisine restaurant – Umami Zagreb

Located in Skalinska street in the historical part of Zagreb and near the famous Tkalciceva street and in Horvacanska street 75A in Vrbani neighborhood, Umami Zagreb is a fusion fast food restaurant that combines multiple flavours and tries to create the not so known fifth taste – umami.

Until 1908. we lived in the belief that there are only four primary tastes – sweet, salt, bitter and spicy. Then the fifth taste was discovered, namesake of this restaurant – umami! Kikunae Ikeda was the name of Japanese scientist responsible for defining the new taste of pleasure and unity with the food we eat. By studying algae Kombu, which is often used in the preparation of soups in Asian cuisine, he came to the conclusion that this algae gives very specific, with anything comparable flavor which is caused by monosodium glutamate (MSG). MSG, which is nowadays popularly called the ‘flavor enhancer’, is today produced industrially and is used in many fast food products. The restaurant Umami Zagreb, however, evoke umami taste through groceries that are naturally rich with MSG.

Through respect for multiculturalism and diversity, as the fundamental reason for beauty of our planet, Umami Zagreb puts their gastronomical focus to all kitchens of the world, adding to them their personality and creative instinct. They are trying to add the role of the narrator to each dish, which will take you to some new sphere of pleasure, taste and passion for food!

Umami Zagreb take their guests on a journey to India with Chicken curry, show them a part of Japan trough Gyoza or Korokke, give them a bit of Thailand in its Pad Thai dish, a bit of China in Stir-Fry  and try to present them that pleasant, savory taste through all other meals like Falafel, Samurai wok, Yakitori, Samurai steak, deserts and daily soups.

This restaurant wish is to make their guests feel like they are in their own home, relaxing and waiting for some food and enjoying themselves around friendly people in a comfortable atmosphere.

With simple and quick service, fusion cuisine, big range of exotic spices guests can use, friendly staff and interesting interior Umami Zagreb try to satisfy their guests tasting buds and make them feel “umami”!


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