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What to expect?

Unexpected taste and experience.

Transmediterranean bistro Pomeri

You are looking for a warm, pleasant and informal place to be?  Transmediterranean bistro Pomeri is the right choice.


Where is bistro Pomeri?

First of all, where is this bistro? It is located in the Zagreb city center. Go to Varšavska Street 8. That is to say, Pomeri is a true Mediterranean bistro. Furthermore, its name is defined by the first two letters of basic groceries names. Vegetables, meat, and fish. In Croatian: POvrće, MEso, RIba. The main offer, as the owner Sergej Bulić says, will be dishes made of fish. But also with meat dishes and vegetables.

This place is imagined as a warm and also informal place. Most noteworthy, the owner decorated it all by his wishes. And the most important thing is that guests feel comfortable and relaxed. Furthermore, you can have lunch or dinner inside. But you can also enjoy on two terraces. Also, special attention was dedicated to small details. For example, napkin holders are made from a special kind of brass used on overseas ships.

What does it mean Transmediterranean?

This marks a special treatment of ingredients. It means that the chef will use only three to four ingredients in each meal. They are prepared with optimal thermal treatment. And in addition with the minimum of seasoning. Also, one big plus: bread and pasta are all home-made. As a result, the food is super delicious!

One interesting thing is their S-menu. Every day you have two different meals. They are paired with a glass of wine. And it costs only 70 HRK. You can also try unique tapas. On the other side, enjoy a la Carte menu. Try soups and different appetizers (for instance: Adriatic tuna fish tartar or octopus carpaccio). Furthermore, main courses (sea bass fillet, veal chops & much more), steaks and also various desserts.

However, their menu changes depending on seasons.

Enjoy with Pomeri

Above all, the whole Pomeri team will definitely make sure that you spend your quality time. As a result, your palate will certainly enjoy. Go with your friends and family. Have an amazing food experience. In other words: enjoy even more!


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