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Tkalčićeva 44, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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Where to eat curry bowl in Zagreb?

For all lovers of exotic cuisine in Zagreb, new inevitable destination is the Sri Lankan Curry Bowl Restaurant.

They traveled the whole world, visited numerous capitals, but for the living they have chosen – Zagreb. The brothers from Sri Lanka have opened a restaurant in Tkalčićeva 44, and the Zagreb got novelty in its gastronomic offer – Curry bowl Restaurant with traditional dishes from Sri Lanka!

This place is conceived as a street food restaurant while the smells of various spices are spreading in its space. The kitchen is open so you can directly see how the dishes are prepared on a daily basis! Fresh authentic dishes from Sri Lanka such as Kotthu, traditional dishes served with Pol-Sambol (coconut salad) or Deviled dishes prepared from crunchy vegetables and fried cubes of meat that are additionally stewed in a unique combination of spices and sauces are the specialties of Curry Bowl Restaurant.

From their menu we need to single out the best known street food in Sri Lanka – Kotthu! In Sri Lanka they love to eat it after the parties, because it provides a perfect body recovering from the night before. And because of that it seems that the Croats could finaly get a competition to their well known dish – Burek!

Cuisine of Sri Lanka is based on coconut oil, curry and the special Sri Lankan chilli pepper which is cultivated on the island and as such is a little bit different in flavor than what people have become accustomed in restaurants. Although the Sri Lankan food is strongly flavored, the Restaurant Curry Bowl have mitigated the hotness in its dishes!

Curry Bowl menu will be upgraded with new seasonal dishes, and another practical detail is that the prices are extremely reasonable, ranging between 20 and 40 kunas (2,6 and 5,2 euros)!


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