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Vlaska ulica 19, 10000, Zagreb

What to expect?

Traditional Russian food and drinks.

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Rusko Bistro

Welcome to the oasis of Russia in Zagreb city – Rusko Bistro. Here you can try traditional and authentic Russian classics.

rusko bistro


A taste of Russia

First of all, if you ever had a wish to taste Russian specialties – now you have the chance. Secondly, if the weather is nice you can have a walk through the city and stop by. On the other hand, you can order it on the city delivery platforms, such as Glovo or Wolt.

They have a big offer of traditional Russian dishes. For example, you can try pelmeni, which are famous Russian ravioli, filled with meat. On the other hand, vareniki, bigger ravioli, filled with cheese, spinach, potato, onion, etc.

russian food zagreb


Flavours and smells

Another Russian classic is boršč, a traditional, cremy, beetroot soup.

Most importantly, for sweet lovers – you can definitely try different pancakes. For example: pancakes with condensed milk, blueberry or strawberry jam. Furthermore, they have the Medovik cake.

You can also try Russian sweets and chocolate, traditional beer. Of course, vodka is here too.

russian food zagreb


Moreover, you can check their menu here.

And most importantly, they are not expensive!

Enjoy your Russian day in Croatia.



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